Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Hitler, The Mufti Of Jerusalem And Modern Islamo Nazism

MUST WATCH VIDEO! I am shaking in horror, watching this video. Of course, I have known about the ties between Hitler and the Mufti for years now, but seeing this video just brings it all to a chilling reality. Next time you have some person looking into "why they hate us," ask them if it mattered why Hitler hated the Jews. The bottom line is that Hitler had to be defeated, just as the Islamofascism MUST be defeated. Please send this video to all your friends! (and thanks to Little Green Footballs for linking it) Simply chilling.


felix said...


Joint Resolution Declaring that a State of War exists between Radical Islam and the Government and People of the United States and making provisions to prosecute same.

Whereas the extraterritorial movement known as Radical Islam has planned, advocated, and committed unprovoked acts of War against the people of the United States of America

Whereas, numerous representatives of said Radical Islam have announced that their exists a State of War between radical Islam and the United States,

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America, that a State of War now exists between Radical Islam and the United States and is hereby formally declared. The President is authorized and directed to employ the military forces of the United States as needed and the resources of the Government to carry on the war against Radical Islam. Further, recognizing the danger posed by individuals who are loyal to Radical Islam who are now or may in the future be residing in the United States and its territories, the President and the Attorney General of the United States are hereby authorized to identify such individuals, take them into preventive custody, and deport them from the United States.

For purposes of this Declaration, individuals adhering to Radical Islam are defined as those advocating or supporting jihad attacks and the institution of Sharia law for Moslems now living in the United States. Further, the distinction is made herein between Radical Islam and Moderate Islam (the later being expressly excepted from the intent of this Declaration.)

Any feedback on the above?

ChiefMommy Owl said...

I always find it interesting how this chapter of Holocaust history just gets swept under the carpet and never spoken about. It's not in the textbooks. I was never taught about it in any of my years of schooling and I went to Jewish schools. Islamofacsist hatred of Jews is so expected it barely warrants a mention I guess.


Render said...

um hum...

Whats available on the internet barely scratches the surface of absolute linkages between the nazi's and the various Muslim terrorist groups.


13th Waffen SS division Handshar was raised from Croatian-Muslims.

21st Waffen SS division Skanderberg was raised from Albanian-Muslims.

23rd Waffen SS division Kama was raised from Croatian-Muslims.

The Mufti of these three divisions is one and the same Grand Mufti of Palestine.

Survivors from these three Waffen SS divisions formed the bulk of Lebanons trained manpower during their part in the 1948 invasion of Israel. Others acted as combat advisors to the Syrian army in their part of the 1948 invasion. They fought against deathcamp survivors just three years removed from the holocaust.

SS marked assault rifles (StG-44s) still show up in Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq from time to time. Although one would wonder where the ammo is coming from...

And there is still the question of Nassers German scientists and his rockets of Helwan. As well the question of why the head of SS Odessa was found dead in Cairo?


Jason said...

There's also the one about Otto Skorzenzky (I think it was him. Him or Gehlen.) being sent to Egypt, where he helped train the first Palestinian terorist groups, which essentially means the moden palestinian "movement' was an invention of the Nazis.

Is that true? I don't know. Probably.

Render said...

I kinda doubt it was either of them.

The Wiki profiles of both men are pretty good.

Skorzeny, who would be the more likely of the two, was subject of a great many rumors along those lines, but none were ever confirmed. All public evidence seems exonerate Skorzeny of those rumors.

Otto was in Spain and then Argentina, (briefly dating Eva Peron), in the late 40s and early 50s. By '52 he was back in Spain resuming his family trade of civil engineer, where he built up a multi-million dollar company.

He stayed in that field until he died of spinal cancer in '75.


Gehlens post-war work is quite a bit more murky historically, but given that he went to work for US intelligence against the Warsaw Pact, immediately upon release from de-nazification, it's kinda tough to imagine he had time to wander down to the middle east.


There is absolutely no doubt that quite a few German WW2 veterans fought as mercenaries or volunteers in the service of Egypt, Lebanon (in addition to the almost en toto Balkan SS units), Syria, and Iraq during the 1948 war. Some probably acted as trainers of some type or another. No doubt some were also escaped SS men.

This is somewhat offset by the several hundred German volunteers to the Israeli cause and the German mercenary pilots that flew for Israel in 1948.

It should also be pointed out that both French (mostly for Lebanon and Syria) and British (mostly for Egypt and Jordan) officers and men, with WW2 experience, fought on the Arab side.

As an aside, almost a third of the casualties suffered by the French Foreign Legion troops at Dien Bin Phu, were former German soldiers, including some Waffen SS.


It's the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and his followers that ties Arab/Muslim hatred to the Nazi hatred. It's the Mufti who connects the PLO to those three SS divisions, (in truth, only one and a half in actual numbers).