Thursday, July 27, 2006

What SOME Lebanese think of the war

Via Mechanical Crowds, I found a link to a Lebanese forum that asked the question: "Will an immediate cease fire end the violence?" This is a nonscientific poll. But even still, over 96% of the Lebanese said no. Something to think about.


shlemazl said...

This is a forum of a particular party, which is against Hizbullah. I would say that around 50% of Lebanese hate Hizbullah and the rest love it. Have a look here:

Red Tulips said...

LOL, thanks! I knew the poll was nonscientific. But still, heartening!

And thanks for the link, much appreciated!

I noticed you are another atheist zionist Northern American Jew. Huzzah us!

Render said...

Ain't we such a contradiction of termonology?

Defy all stereotypes.