Tuesday, July 11, 2006

FORCED absence!

I just wanted to say that I will have a forced absence over the next few weeks, in order to study for the bar exam. I am going to forcibly shut off my computer and stay ignorant of the world, because I lately have become way too obsessed with politics - instead of focusing on studying! IN THE MEANTIME, I gave Steven admin status, and I know he will be able to carry the mantle quite well. I want to say I am so proud and happy to have the group of people assembled here, who comment on this blog. I love the mix of commentators from all over the spectrum. We often have our differences, and we have exchanged words, but overall, the level of discourse gives me hope in the world. Thank you all for your wonderful contributions.


Undeniable Liberal said...

It indeed has been eye-opening as well as fun. I, as others will miss you. Good luck on the bar exam. I may need you to get me out of Gitmo someday ;-)

ChiefMommy Owl said...

Promise me that when you pass the bar you'll open your own personal injury law firm and make snazzy TV ads where you refer to yourself as "The Hatchet."

Good luck!

Steven said...

That's awesome - good luck for the exam!

I have been busy aswell and havent been around... but maybe I will post something on the recent developments in Israel. I have to read around first for some good articles.

Heya undeniable liberal, welcome to Culture For All.

Thanks for your comment on DePundit Sara. :)

Steven said...

I am just kinda posting news stories rather than writing op-ed's - I am not used to writing op-ed's yet.

Steven said...

UL, what is that on your nose?!

Songchick said...

Good luck on the bar!!! I know you'll do great!