Tuesday, July 4, 2006

This July 4th, Ignore the Polls

Christopher Hitchens is up to his usual best. He has advice for Americans this July 4th: ignore the polls. (Found on Little Green Footballs, but I do like it) All I can say is...touche!

If I was to interrupt this article every few sentences, asking you whether or not I was making a good impression on you, I hope and believe that you would think I was a servile jerk. Yet this is what our politicians are doing in every speech (most notably in the absurd recent debate on “flag-burning”) and this is apparently what we hire Karen Hughes to do in our public diplomacy. Faced with a complete beast like the late Abu-Musab al-Zarqawi, who has been trying to kill us for several years, millions of Americans appear to believe that he only appeared in Iraq because in some way we made him upset. Well, even if this was true — which it is not — it wouldn’t be such a bad thing. (What would you say to a policy that made him contented, instead?). Thus, for a Fourth of July message, I would suggest less masochism, more confidence on the American street, and less nervous reliance on paper majorities discovered by paper organizations. Happy Independence Day.


Citisucks said...

Just remember this-the july corporate terrorist day is about revolutions and overthrowing oppressive governments.

Red Tulips said...

I will say this for the last time, and then I will ban you for life from this blog.

Please come up with an intelligent definition of corporate terrorist, or stop posting about it.

See: the way I easily proved your "corporate terrorist" malarcky to be utter nonsense.


I am sick and tired of reading your utter drivel. If you have a point, make it. Shit or get off the pot.

Steven said...

LoL :)

Steven said...

Heya citisucks... if I make it big and earn a lot of money - would I become a terrorist?!

I find your impression of rich (white) people in general to be quite odd... many rich people do a great ammount of good with their money - Bill Gates for one - he paid for the high-tek greenhouses for the Palestinians before they moved into Gaza and went on a rampage destroying them.

Red Tulips said...


Citisucks is the lowest common denominator, utterly incapable of a cohesive thought. My new policy is to not even comment, but rather, delete every single nonthinking post of Citisucks. (which are 99% of them)

I do not want such idiocy clogging up this blog.