Friday, July 21, 2006

Crisis in Israel/Lebanon: How you can help

I am sure most of you dear readers have felt powerless to do anything to help the citizens of Israel and Lebanon in this horrible conflict, however, I have researched some aid organizations, and have found trusted places you can donate money to. 1) The best and most trusted place has to be Magen David Adom - the Israeli equivalent of the Red Cross. They are also helping Lebanese refugees.

2) Helem - it is the gay Lebanese organization. They are taking donations on their webpage via paypal, and are helping Lebanese refugees. I have been following this organization for quite some time, via Al-Fil on gaymiddleeast, and this is a trusted Lebanese organization.

3) Doctors without borders. They are all over the world, doing great work - not just in Lebanon. In fact, you should donate to them because they are out there helping the Indonesians after their recent tsunami. Again, I am very familiar with their work and know the money is going to a good place if you donate here.

4) Friends of the Israeli Defense Forces. This is donating funds to help the IDF. Now, I realize some readers may not be comfortable doing this, but most readers are pro-Israeli, so I figured a link to this might be appreciated. This is the link for making donations.

I am not aware of any specific funding for the Israeli-Lebanese crisis on the main Red Cross site, but I do have to note that the Red Cross has been rather spotty in the way it has distributed funds in the past, so I am not sure I trust them. I mean, look at how they mishandled Hurricane Katrina - and also how long it has taken to recognize Magen David Adom.

Please donate if you have any money. I know blogging is a great way to win the war on ideas, but there is also physical suffering that needs ammelioration in the present.

Steven Update: PizzaIDF and BurgerIDF is a service which sends hot food to IDF soldiers and families who were evicted from Gush Katif. Donate a Pizza and give a IDF soldier a happy warm belly. :) Israeli Bonds are an excelent way of supporting Israel through investment. Last but not atall least, One Family Fund: Supporting the victims of terrorism in Israel. Update 02: Another way of supporting Israel every day (and my favorite method) is by visiting boycott websites and specifically purchasing goods which they want people not to buy. ;) I find it very satisfying - it's sort of using their own weapons against them. Mawhahahaha! ;-) ***** Support Israel Hizbullah Secretary-General Sheikh Nasrallah Speech on Al-Manar TV: The Zionist Entity's Weakness is "Their Strong Adherence to This World". They are described by Allah as "the people who guard their lives most". Comment: Nasrallah misunderstands our love for life and interprets it as a fear of death. The two are not the same. Nasrallah continues his speech: "Our Strength is the Willingness to Sacrifice Our Blood & Children" Support Life


Red Tulips said...

LOL, I already support half the products that were listed to be boycotted.

And what a great idea, Steven!!

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Thank you.

Just, thank you.


MechanicalCrowds said...

The IDF is taking donations????? That's hilarious.

Steven said...

They have always taken donations. I don't understand what is so funney - the IDF protects our very existance.