Friday, July 28, 2006

Anger on the Iranian street over Hizballah support

Found via Sandmonkey, evidently there is anger on the Iranian street for Iran's support of Hizballah - support that could go to paying for Iranian services. Interesting! Also interesting that I found the NY Times article on Sandmonkey's blog, and not by reading the NY Times myself. I have to get to reading the NY Times more, dammit. An Egyptian should not be scooping me on articles published in my hometown paper!! But that said, I think the NY Times article should be read in conjunction with a wonderful article published in Slate by Christopher Hitchens. It is titled "How President Bush Can Solve the Iranian Nuclear Crisis." I think it really puts Iran into perspective. The government of Iran may be terror supporting central, but it seems the the PEOPLE of Iran are quite different. Nothing is ever what it seems in the Middle East.

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