Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Hezbollah Isolated

Iran to Hizbullah: Curb attacks on Israel Arabic language newspaper reports Iran was warned by European country that Israel is ready to attack targets in Syria in campaign to liquidate Hizbullah; Tehran sends foreign minister to Damascus to demand Hizbullah curtail attacks against Israel.


Red Tulips said...

I should not be on the internet, but I cannot stay away.

I just feel sick to my stomache over my Israeli relatives located in Haifa.

I am hoping this offensive works, dammit!

Steven said...

Don't worry, we will get through this.

GayConservativeLiberal said...

The back and forth on CNN and the FNC is pretty interesting. Both sides make compelling arguments; while Israel has every right to defend itself, the media coverage has been a T&A show of destruction in Beirut with sexy headlines about bombed airports and bridges. The human element of this story speaks to a stubborness and an evil, on both sides, that seems to have no end.

Red Tulips said...

Conservative Liberal:

I disagree about the evil on both sides.

I think Israel and the Lebanese are fundamentally good, but flawed human beings. It's Hezbollah that is evil.

Red Tulips said...

P.S.: conservative liberal:

We totally have to meet for drinks after the bar exam is over, and paint the town red.

Red Tulips said...

Y'know, it would be one bright spot amidst all this ugliness.