Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Wafa Sultan drops all the P.C. nonsense!

Wafa Sultan is a secular psychologist of Syrian-American origin. Here, on Al Jazeera, she speaks strongly about the civilization clashes. This woman is unbelievably courageous, and her video is shocking in its honesty. It is an old video from a few months ago, but my cousin recently sent this to me, and I think it's worth watching again. She really frames the "clash of civilizations" issue in a wholly different way - saying that the Jihadists are too uncivilized to even have a civilization, and hence there is no clash of "civilizations," it's just Jihadi fucks trying to trash all the learning and progress of Western society. When you think about it, she's right. And my god, it is astounding that Al Jazeera aired that on their TV station! I would love to have input into this all. Comments/questions/concerns?


Jason said...

I think she's right.

Not much else to say about it than that.

Steven said...

I have the entire transcript. The problem is that she says she is non-Muslim then says Muslims are screwed up and barbaric - this will inspire unite Muslims together against the "crusade" against Islam.

But she does speak the truth about Arab culture - and she does it so well it is almost hypnotic.

Red Tulips said...


Wafa Sultan is an ex-Muslim. If anything, that makes them hate her more - she is guilty of apostacy in their eyes!