Sunday, July 9, 2006

NATURAL male enhancement!

NATURAL male enhancement! This is something I am sure many of the international visitors to this blog have never seen...erectile dysfunction ads! This one for the brand "Enzyte" is can see it yourself! But all's fine, because it's NATURAL male enhancement. Ahem.


GayConservativeLiberal said...

Innnteresting :-)

Thanks so much for visiting my site...and a link to boot!You've made my day.

Hope to keep in the look of your site...I'm inspired now.


Red Tulips said...

Conservative Liberal:

Inspired by Andrew Sullivan's You Tube segment, I have a segment on absurd ads. :-p I figure it's nice to get away from all the heavy talk every couple of posts, y'know?

I am so glad you like my site! Your's is fantastic! And your icon suggests you are cute to boot, huzzah! :-)

Steven said...

"Swelling with pride!" *grins*