Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Syria Supplies

IAF foils rocket transports from Syria. "While army continues to strike Hizbullah, limit its weapons resources, outside groups trying to rearm group. IAF manages to bomb trucks transporting missiles from Syria. IDF Maj.-Gen. Eisenkot: These rockets belong to Syrian army." Is this not an act of war against Israel? Off Topic News Update: There has been an increased number of attacks against Israel today, including 4 rockets which have hit Nazareth.


Red Tulips said...

I just was on the phone with cousins in Haifa - they are Holocaust survivors and one tough bunch! It was actually quite inspirational.

Steven said...

:) I'm glad you called. The Israelis are fantastic.

I just listened to bridgette gabriel's interview again. It's quite good to listen to because she talks a little about when Hezbollah were formed.