Saturday, July 29, 2006

The politics of Hizballah

Lebanon profile lays out the politics of Hizballah, and it is a must read! I just want it to be known that if I ever intimated that all Shia Lebanese are bad, I am sorry. I only was referring to the *majority* of Shia Lebanese, who even this author admits are anti-semites. Still, MUST READ! As always, the Middle East is more complicated than what it would seem like at first blush. Money part:

Obviously, Hezbollah hardliners are just as bad or worse than Iranian fanatics. Even Shia Lebanese are frightened of these guys, which is why they are not the face Hezbollah shows to the outside world. Hezbollah recruits young, attractive, intelligent, professional, moderate candidates to run for office. These people are the public face who publicize all of Hezbollah's humanitarian projects. Sadly, the Shia population of Lebanon has few other choices in Lebanon's sectarian framework. As can be seen in the archives on this blog, I cannot stand Hezbollah. I marched on 14 March and started this blog to counter the message Hezbollah, Syria, and pro-Syrian Lebanese parties send to the rest of the world. I hate religious politics. I don't want to be led by men with beards (although, David Obey is okay). I believe in coming to peace with Israel. I write this to show the complexity of the situation in Lebanon. There are those in Lebanon whose sectarian racism comes out often. Readers of this blog who are disgusted with me for associating with people who support Hezbollah will be happy to know that there are people in Lebanon willing to kill Shia on sight. But that's exactly what I'm fighting against. There are tens of thousands of good, innocent people who support Hezbollah for internal sectarian reasons who deserve another option. This is the tragedy of moderation. For all that I have said above, I will be hated by everyone. It will be said that: "I support terrorists. I'm an anti-semite. I'm a traitor. I'm a limp wristed idealist." All of this is far from the truth. Anyone who knows me or has read this blog long enough knows that I believe strongly in imposing myself on others and pushing for what I believe in. Most of the time, to accomplish one's goals and to further what is good, just, and honorable, one must begin with knowledge. One must know the Lebanese system. It's impossible to negotiate with al Qaeda. I take aggressive action any time I encounter anything that comes close to support for that evil organization. It's impossible to befriend a supporter of al Qaeda. I've encountered them before. They no longer walk on the streets.

For Israelis and Westerners, the situation with Hezbollah is different. For Lebanese and Arabs, the situation with Israelis is different. Erecting barriers of ignorance only escalates the conflict. Yasmine, Muhammad, Rida, and Zeina are good people confronting a whole slew of issues thrown at them. I'm doing my best to navigate and find a solution.

You should read the whole thing, and the comments.


Anonymous said...

Hizb Allah is rapidly becoming the biggest army in the world.

Red Tulips said...

Um, in your dreams? Alas, when you wake up, facts do tend to get in the way of things.

Render said...

Hizzybally isn't an army, in any sense of the word, and never has been. They don't even represent Lebanon, the nation they occupy illegally.

Just a(nother) bunch of terrorist genociders.

At this point, the bulk of the active surviving Hizalbalel in Lebanon aren't even Lebanese Shia, they are Syrian and Iranian.


Hey anon (8/31 10:15), how about you run on over to Lebanon and join up with your scumbag friends?