Monday, July 24, 2006

The latest Middle Eastern crisis

So here we are again. The Middle East on the brink of a regional war that is more dangerous than the other wars that have taken place. Why ? Because the world is much more connected than it was even 20 years ago. What happens in one region has a knock on effect in other places. The most obvious knock on effect in this case would be the price of oil hitting $78+.

The cause of this crisis ? Hezbollah and it's continued rocket attacks on Israel which climaxed with the kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers. Has Israel's response been a bit heavy handed ? Yes it has, but you must understand that Israel is a nation under siege in the middle east. You cannot expect it to react in any other way than to crush what it deems to be a direct threat to the state of Israel.

But that does not excuse the deaths of innocent civilians killed by Israeli forces or Israeli citizens killed by militants from Hamas or Hezbollah. It is a cycle of violence that has to stop. I don't believe a ceasefire would work unless the underlaying causes are tackled.

Some of those being (there are so many it would take up several pages to state them all):

Palestinian militant groups with the sole goal of destroying the state of Israel.

Arab nations with a similar goal.

Israel's desire to secure it's future and to live in peace with it's neighbours – it sometimes over reacts and hits back with too much force.

The issues of land ownership between the Israeli's and Palestinians.

The issue of prisoners.

But while tensions remain high and mutual hatred of Jewish people exists between the Arab nations then the problems will continue to grow and a war of unimaginable terror will take place eventually.

The only nation in the Middle East that seems to have gained some benefit from this crisis is Iran. It was extremely odd that the violence broke out just as Iran had to give it's answer to the deal it was offered by the US and co over it's Nuclear desires. Iran is a slightly worrying factor in this, as the Iranian president has already stated his desire to wipe Israel off the map. The religious leaders of Iran are the problem. But that is a subject for another time.

What i want to see is all the Israeli soldiers released (including the one Hamas took) and for Israel to pull back from the brink of starting a war it probably does not want.

I may have some idealistic desires for the middle east, however in reality they are unlikely to happen unless some miracle takes place. Though one must remain hopeful for the future otherwise one becomes nihilistic. Which in itself can feed into situation and make it worse.


Steven said...

There is one quote I would like to add from a Palestinian (Grammar corrected):

"Let me make it very clear. There is no Palistine without Hamas or the PA! Who do you think makes up Hamas and the PA ? It is no other then the Palestinian Children. In other words, they are Palistine."

We can not achieve peace until Hamas and the PA are either disbanded or change their goal of destroying us.

Kevin said...

Well Hamas needs to be disbanded and those in the other factions and political groups need to also lose the whole destroy the state of Israel mindset. However getting rid of those groups will not alone be enough to achieve peace. The Palestinian people that support those goals will also have to change. As will the rest of the wider Arab world that want to destroy Israel as well.
Otherwise there will be a continuing cycle of violence.

felix said...

Kevin, I used to think that the Israel/Palestinian Arab wars could be solved by some kind of land compromise. But over the years I see it as just another front in the war with radical/expansionist Islam. Islamist ideology/religion holds that once a Muslim land/always a Muslim land. So in the particulars of a dispute between Muslims and others-for example India/Kashmir--this religous belief of the Islamists prevents a settlement.

Albion Moonlight said...

I hardly see how "expansionist" policies are unique to Islam (see "Manifest destiny"). As a matter of fact, isn't the same concept used as justification for the existence of Israel and the Jews claim to the "holy land"? No nation or people willingly give up land and resources. It is taken by force.

felix said...

Expansionist policy is not unique to Islam, however, as you may have noticed, Islamic expansionism is causing most of the worldwide wars we are having. The so-called bloody borders of Islam. The radical islamists are actually claiming that Spain belongs to them--they call is Andulasia.

As to "No nation or people willingly give up land and resources." many Europenas are content to allow their countries be taken over by Islam--Eurabia.

Albion Moonlight said...

My guess is those European countries are welcoming young Islamics into their countries for the cheap labor force. I agree that the Islamists are not assimilating well (see Paris riots).

European countries have much to answer for in terms of their own historical "bloody borders". If we simply look at history in terms of grudges for past wrongs, then I guess everyone should kill everyone else before anyone will be satisfied.

What about the 30+ year Israeli occupations in Gaza and the West bank? How is this not "expansionist policy" under the guise of self preservation?

What do you guys think of this article?

felix said...

Why do you have Israel on your brain? It's a big world.

Albion Moonlight said...

well, I thought that was the main thrust of this blog/post. I have in the two previous posts mentioned the US (manifest destiny) and Europe (um, colonialism) for their own roles in military occupation/racial extermination. I agree, it's a big world and there are plenty of horrors to abhor.

Red Tulips said...

I am too tired from having taken the bar exam to look at any counterpunch article. But I will say that Israel's actions in Gaza and the West Bank are NOT expansionist! Given the fact that Israel attempted to give that land back in 1967 only on condition of laying down arms and peace, and were rebuffed, it makes sense that they have the land. It's an essential piece of Israeli security.

Anonymous said...

Israel should be very worried right now. Anyone in Israel should seriously leave it as soon as possible, if their life matters to them at all.

Things are about to become extremely ugly. Sorry, but you have been warned.

Red Tulips said...


Are you making a threat? Because you know I can track IP addresses.

Anonymous said...

No miss r, I'm just warning your Israeli readers about their foreseeable future.

Red Tulips said...


That is your last comment here. Anything more like that and you will be banned permanently. I do not take well to threats.

And as I said, I have your IP and I know who you are.

Red Tulips said...

Okay, I quickly skimmed the counterpunch article.

Sorry, *yawn*

The 1559 Resolution was a Security Council resolution with teeth, not some bullshit resolutions that were meant to embarrass Israel, drafted by antisemitic nations. That is the difference.

But anyway, the lack of enforcement of the 1559 resolution only shows the patheticness of the UN...

Kevin said...

Land is always taken by force for the most part. People do not just lay back and let the tanks roll over them without a fight.
As for the extreme elements in Islam ? It's about time the majority of moderate muslim's started to tackle the extremists and stopped giving excuses as to why those muslims have gone wrong. It's time for action not more pointless words that only serve to make the extremists stronger and gain more followers.

Anonymous said...

The way in which Israel and the USA is going about their international business seems to be designed intentionally to incite hatred for themselves amongst moderate humans of any creed, maybe muslims more so.

Why is this?

Render said...

Counter-Punch? The Cockburn family and their little collection of disgruntled Commies and self-admited anti-Semites?

Have you heard of


I've never understood why those people don't run off to some Socialist paradise...