Thursday, July 27, 2006

Update on my thoughts

I said before in comments that I thought Israel (with international troops) should occupy Southern Lebanon after the war, to help with rebuilding. I have to amend myself, after speaking with a friend of mine. I think that would be a disaster, thinking about it. In retrospect, all Israel can hope for with this war is to weaken Hezbollah and their ability to inflict harm, with the thought that that will bring a temporary detante. That's it.


felix said...

Don't give up. Israel may yet move into and reoccupy Southern Lebanon.

Red Tulips said...

Don't give up? LOL, give up on what? Israel may yet do that, but I am convinced it would be a bad decision on their part, after thinking it through.

Render said...


I was thinking depopulate, salt, and leave.