Saturday, July 22, 2006

Bibi was right - Netanyahu saw it coming!

The National Review has a great column up right now, written by Bridget Johnson, explaining how and why Benjamin Netanyahu was right in June 2005, when he warned that withdrawal from Gaza would only embolden the terrorists. The below paragraph is an excerpt from a larger article which is a MUST READ, explaining why a pullout from the West bank/Israeli "cease fire" would be the biggest mistake Israel can make.

“Our security problems are not about to go away with the withdrawal; they will only begin.” The prophecies of Israel’s former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu have come to fruition, and proponents of the Gaza Strip pullout have a lot to answer for.

Written off as a reactionary right-winger by those who think that militant Palestinian minds can be swayed from the goal of the destruction of Israel, one can take note today of why Netanyahu so fervently opposed Israel’s Gaza pullout — and why he was right to do so.

“Gaza will be transformed into a base for Islamic terrorism adjacent to the coast of the State of Israel,” Netanyahu told the Jerusalem Post days before the withdrawal.

The Post reported last October that al Qaeda may have moved in as soon as Israel moved out. “Our efforts are now focused on establishing a strong and unified Muslim nation where love prevails among all its members,” read a leaflet distributed in Khan Younis. The al Qaeda group also claimed in a video that it had fired rockets into Israeli settlements on the eve of disengagement. In March, two West Bank Palestinians allegedly plotting a large-scale attack were charged with membership in al Qaeda.

In addition to physical presence, al Qaeda has stepped up propaganda in the region. Their online “Voice of the Caliphate” news show has accused Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas of collaborating with Israel against Hamas, and in June al Qaeda No. 2 Ayman al-Zawahri called on Palestinians to reject a two-state referendum proposed by Abbas. A pamphlet circulated in Gaza by the Army of Jihad in February and obtained by World Net Daily claimed that al Qaeda had a leader in the region, to appear “very soon.”

Gaza, post-pullout, has provided a safe haven in a pitifully weak security situation, with a government sympathetic to jihad.

This has also inspired terrorist groups to get more ambitious. Hamas’s military wing scored distance records with its upgraded Qassam rockets, striking deeper than previous Palestinian rockets have ever reached into Israeli territory. Hezbollah has also achieved its deepest strikes into northern Israel.


— Bridget Johnson is a columnist at the Los Angeles Daily News. She blogs at GOP Vixen.


Steven said...

The Israeli government has comitted a crime against its people.

Withdrawel should not be an option before peace - these lands are under Israeli control because Israel was attacked in 1967, won, offered the best peace deal in military history, and were refused.

If the Arab's don't want peace, they must be pushed back, and back, and back until they are no longer willing or able to attack us.

Only when they support lasting peace should Israel think about withdrawel. Olmert can not be trusted due to his twisted withdrawel plan.

Giving land does not create peace. This should be flipped, if the Arabs want land they must first create peace.


The current Israeli administration and political system is a serious threat to Israelis.

Fransisco: The Importance of Israel National Radio

Steven said...

"Giving land does not create peace. This should be flipped, if the Arabs want land they must first create peace."

I suspect some people don't understand this, if you are confused and think this is back-to-front- please think about what happened in 1967 and why Israel is in these disputed areas.

Render said...

Bibi has been correct for quite a while. I'd be a lot more comfortable if Bibi was in the drivers seat right now, instead of Olmert the Uncommitted.

"A Place Among the Nations" Benjamin Netanyahu, Bantam 1993.


AB complained in a lower thread that CAMERA wasn't an unbiased source. No shit...

Guess what AB, neither is MEMRI.

So what?

Is there, or has there ever been, an unbiased source on Israel, from either side?

Merely having an opinion revels an inherent bias, one way or the other.

One side of this eternal conflict is fighting for basic survival.

The opposite side is fighting only to kill the first side.

How's your bias?


Arik Sharon, during his long military career, never once withdrew, not without preparing to counter-attack.

The old farmer knew that the Paleo-killers could not resist coming across the line to kill more Jews, it's the only thing they know how to do, the only thing they've ever done. And still they come.

"Warrior" the autobiography of Ariel Sharon with David Chanoff Touchstone/Simon & Schuster 1989


My web-o-sphere name is Render, the only other handle I've used since 1983 is Condor Legion. I've always used the same formating and sign-off styles.


I hunt digital Nazi's.


felix said...

I think the Gaza withdrawal had some justification for demographic reasons. Israel has to remain a majority Jewish country and leaving Gaza helps alot to ensure that. However, Israel should have left a troop presence in Gaza.

Red Tulips said...


The thing is that the Palestinians had an autonomous government prior to the Israeli pullout. The pullout basically meant pulling out the few settlers that were in Gaza, and more importantly, pulling out the military presence in Gaza.

Most likely, some form of military presence will be needed in Gaza.

The whole situation has gone to hell and a handbasket!

Albion Moonlight said...

One side of this eternal conflict is fighting for basic survival.

The opposite side is fighting only to kill the first side.

Ah, but which is which I suppose depends on your bias. How's yours Render?

Render said...

Basic survival is an honorable and worthy bias.

Genocide is not.