Monday, June 12, 2006

Sderot, Israel turning into ghost town

As many of you know, there was a bombing in Gaza on Thursday. Many within the leftist community - here and in Israel, immediately condemned the bombing. On the face of it, the bombing seemed to be reprehensible. Then, looking at the videos of the event, one begins to wonder if it all is as it seems. Pumpkinlove (over at DKos) wrote excellent diaries, questioning whether or not Israel was in fact responsible for the blasts. You can read them here and here. However, as a result of the bombing, the IDF announced it would not act defensively in bombing Hamas Kassam missile launching sites. As a result, one town in particular, Sderot, Israel, has had to endure 3,000 rockets being launched at it. The town is quickly turning into a ghost town. You can read about this here. I ask you, shouldn't Israel be able to defend itself? Doesn't it have a base right to exist, free from rocket attacks? And shouldn't the story in Gaza at least be questioned, without the propoganda campaign against Israel going full throttle? For more reason to question the official line that it was Israel behind the rocket attacks, I think you should look at the video being replayed over and over on Al Jazeera. As you can see, very suspiciously, there was a video camera on the event exactly at the right time, and right place. Why there was a video camera photographing the beach is suspicious indeed. Furthermore, the Palestinians are not cooperating with the investigation into the bombing - you would think that they would look for every reason in the book to show how it was Israel's fault. Go see the story for yourself here. Meanwhile, people in Sderot have to endure round the clock shelling, and their government is doing nothing. If it was Canada or Mexico bombing us, you can be sure we would nuke the bombing sites into oblivion. Yet, Israel is not even protecting its citizens in their very right to life. Somehow, the world is convinced that Israel was at fault for the bombing of Gaza, without any proof. It seems that whatever Israel does, it is blamed, and a different standard is applied to Israel than to the rest of the world. Alan Dershowitz wrote a great article about this on Huffington Post. It seems that the Israelis are somehow undeserving of a very basic right to defend themselves that the rest of the world is accorded.

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