Monday, June 19, 2006

TRUE progressiveness!

The Jerusalem Post revealed today that a Supreme Court judge in Israel ruled that the prohibition of civil marriages violates Israelis' civil rights. This is terrific news! As it stands right now, marriages are only accepted in Israel if performed in a religious ceremony. This flatly discriminates against those who want to marry outside their faith, or are nonbelievers. Now, I do understand the fears of those within Israel that this encourages intermarriage, however, I believe that granting a couple less rights simply on account of their religion (or lack thereof) is nothing short of discrimination. So a big HUZZAH to Israel for this major step towards elliminating this form of discrimination today!


ChiefMommy Owl said...

I'm afraid that I must respectfully disagree with your position. Unlike any other country in the world, Israel was founded as a Jewish nation. Why shouldn't it be governed by Jewish law?


Red Tulips said...

The reason is simple. Israel was founded by atheists as a secular Jewish state. David Ben Gurion was in fact an avowed atheist!

Though, in his last years of life, he believed in God. Still, he founded Israel as an atheist.

Furthermore, this does not make Israel a non-Jewish state. All it does is give those who are not Jews the same right to marry that Jews have.

I respect your opinion, but I simply disagree with your characterization of Israel.

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Red Tulips said...

P.C.: Adorable icon!

(Mine is of the Aran Islands, in Ireland - one of the most beautiful places I have seen)

ChiefMommy Owl said...

I understand what you are saying, but as a religious Jew I just can't view Israel as a secular state. To me, Ben Gurions intentions are pointless. The difficulty in establishing civil marriage in Israel is that it wouldn't just be used by NonJews. Many non religious Jews would also take advantage of this - so in essence, the state of Israel would be sanctioning "marriages" which are not in accordance with Jewish Law. It's a tough one for sure.

Your icon is beautiful scenery. I've never been to Ireland, or much anywhere else for that matter. My icon is the logo for my website

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Red Tulips said...

Chiefmommy owl,

I am so glad you are stopping by, and we are able to engage in a rational and thought provoking discussion on the State of Israel. (in contrast to some other posters on this site, and on LGF who call me unAmerican for being atheist)


I understand how and why you view Israel as a Jewish state, however, technically, (according to my understanding) in the constitution, it is officially secular, and with a Jewish character.

I realize that the secularism is inherently in conflict with the Jewish aspect of the state, and I know this has caused many problems in the past. However, I still believe that allowing intermarriage is a good idea from a human rights perspective.