Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Crossing off the Red Cross

And so it seems that Muslim delegates will block the Israeli attempt to join the international aid organization, the Red Cross. Their reasoning? "Israel is an apartheid state." Or something. But shouldn't Israel get the benefit of having what is supposed to be a neutral humanitarian aid organization inside their country? Of course not! The Red Cross was going to be a Red Crystal - not even a Star of David. That is how much Israel was willing to bend its principles to join the red Cross. And they still were not admitted. Next time there is a big disaster, I will not be donating to the Red Cross, which did a piss poor job in New Orleans after Katrina, anyway, and corruption concerns were raised. There is an argument to be made that Israel is better off without any affiliation to the Red Cross. Meanwhile, speaking of aid agencies, the shrapnel removed from the bodies of victims from the Gaza attack a few weeks ago was evidently removed needlessly. But this wouldn't have anything to do with covering up the evidence of Palestinians having caused the attacks, oh no. Not related in the *least.* (sarcasm added) So, let's get this straight...the Red Crescent is allowed to be affiliated with the Red Cross, even though it has transported suicide bombers and weapons in ambulence trucks in the past...and the "Red Crystal" is not allowed in Israel. The Palestinians blame Israel for Gaza beach bombings...then cover up the evidence of Israeli wrongdoing. Meanwhile, my law school classmate writes a post on her blog titled "Israel, Israel, Israel, Kill, Kill, Kill - that's all I ever read online." Replies on that post include calls for the death to all Jews. Has the world gone mad? Have I been transported to pre-Nazi Germany? Because that is what this all is increasingly starting to feel like.


Steven said...

They were not admitted?
Even after this crystal lark?
I am stunned.

Steven said...

My goodness - your classmates blog is... raw.

Quite frightening really.

"The point is precisely what u Jews are--U'RE CRIMINAL PSYCHOPATHS, collectivist conspirators, waiting to morph here in USA into Stalinist commissars, and u must be dealt with."

That one has to be quite entertaining too, though still frightening. It gets so much worse just a little but further down:

"And observe "Miss R" how much more peaceful and without tensions the world would be for good while were Jews eliminated--despite fact humans would eventually be back at each others' throats, no doubt. Still, undoubted PRIMARY PROBLEM of world is Jews; eliminating them is genuine solution, with genuine attraction, justification, and compellingness."

I do not know about it sounding like "pre-Nazi Germany", but more like "established-Nazi Germany".

Take care.

Steven said...

Damn, you have a lot of guts fighting that war over there. I am also involved in a lot of discussions - but that websie is so disgusting; you deserve the higest respect.


Red Tulips said...


Thanks. The most disgusting thing of all is that my classmate still insists she is not an antisemite, she is merely an antizionist. Anyone with a pea sized brain can see how ludicrous that one is.

That same classmate and I actually got into a shouting match over the Danish cartoons - she insisted that it should have been censored by the government. Yet - look at her blog!!!

Posters on her site regularly quote from the Protocols of Zion and Mein Kampf. She provides a forum for them, and yet whenever they denigrate Islam, she gets offended.

You should also read some of her hysterical opinions about world financial systems.

NOTE: this is someone who recently received a degree from a NYC area law school, and is a grown adult woman.

The mind boggles. That is all I can say.

Steven said...

I am totally flawed by the hatred on that blog. I thought I was having a tough time but this is *worse* than some Nazi websites which I visit.

How she can say she is not an anti-Jew is beyond my comprehension; same as how anyone could hate any group of people with such viel either.

The mind certainly does boggle.

Your blog is fantastic, I have added it to my RSS feeds.

Steven said...
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Steven said...

That article seems to be calming down now. Amazing stuff that some of the people have posted though. These guys may be a lost battle - it is like trying to convince Hitler himself that there is no "Kampf" to worry about.

You win some, you loose some - as the saying goes.

Red Tulips said...


Seems the article has not calmed down.

Qrswave demanded an apology and said I defamed her name. I wrote a post on this site as my response.

Citisucks said...

If other people posted death threats on qrswave's site that is not qrswave's fault. She has stated that she does not agree with the death threats and so I have I. Yet in your black and white world you seem to have nothing better to do than make false accusations of us and resort to childish name calling.

P.S. Israel should not get a key pass to murder people. Neither should bu$h, and neither should anyone else.

Red Tulips said...

qrswave provides a forum for death threats, without deleting them. She is hence vicariously liable.

And your non-thinking tonight about Israel/Bush is self evident. I guess Palestinians get a pass key to murder, huh? As long as the person killing is not "white," then they can kill with abandon, right?

OR, is your pathology that "It's not the Palestinians, it's Mossad! It's the JOOOOOOS!!!"

Cool, just checking in with your typical nonthinking nonbrain tonight.