Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Solution: raze the mosques?!

As I noted extensively on this blog, there are Islamists out there who seek to destroy America and the West. This is a well documented fact. The problem is when I read comments on blogs such as Little Green Footballs, calling for the razing of all mosques and the banning of Islam as a religion. This is exactly what Saudi Arabia did to churches and synogogues. There's a solution: let's become just like the enemy in order to fight the enemy. Great idea! *sighs* The war on thought runs very strong from the right and the left.


felix said...

Come on, Saudi Arabia is a country. How can you compare an entire country's government policy, in effect since the year 660 CE, to a few bloggers on lgf. You have to compare one country to another country--like the USA.

Red Tulips said...


I did not compare Saudi Arabia to America. I compared Saudi Arabia to the policies that certain LGF were advocating on that site.