Monday, May 29, 2006

That old dutch courage

Ayaan Hirsi Ali was a partner with Theo Van Gogh in making films, and she now lives under house arrest in the Netherlands, due to constant death threats. She is also a member of the Dutch parliament, and is facing a proposed stripping of her citizenship on technical grounds. We all know the real reason why there is a proposed stripping of her citizenship - she is open and vociferous in her critique of Islamofacism. This woman of courage, someone who used to be Muslim but now is atheist, is trying to reform Islam from within, and the PC multicultural "bullshiteers" in the Netherlands want to shit her up. What I find ironic is that in fact it is the Islamofacists who are seeking the destruction of all that the Netherlands stands for, and Hirsi Ali that is defending the Netherlands. Yet she is the one who faces explusion. You can read Christopher Hitchens's excellent article on the subject right here. As usual, he is his full on witty self.

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