Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Freedom to LIVE!

Perusing the Jerusalem Post today, it appears that Sderot, Israel residents are going through their ninth day of hunger strikes against the Israeli government. It seems that, as I reported earlier, the IDF is still not using its full fire power to stop the Kassam rockets. Hearsay evidence suggests that they are only using 5% of their strength. Meanwhile, posters as such qrswave state (without evidence) that "Israel kills Palestinians with impunity." There is a real psy ops war going on in the world at the moment, and it is very clear who is on the losing end: Israel. Evidently, an Islam channel in London aired a "Zionist debate" which said "anti-zionism is not racism," without even bothering to present the other side of the story. Some "debate." A soccer player from Ghana (or as most of the world calls it, "football") waved an Israeli flag, and was forced to apologize for it! Egypt went on to call this very person a "Mossad agent," merely for waving an Israeli flag. This is a supposed "peace partner" with Israel. It seems that some people deserve the freedom to live, and not others. Some people are given the right to defend their right to life, and not others. Some people are given every benefit of the doubt, and not others. Sderot residents are being denied their very freedom to live without rockets being blasted constantly into their backyard, and their only crime is their Israeli circumstance of birth.


Steven said...

But we are Jews - we don't count of course.

Red Tulips said...

Ha, the sad part is that while I know you are sarcastic, vast swaths of the world literally believe that.