Wednesday, June 28, 2006


In 3.5 years time there will have been major changes to the world we live in as the planet begins to be broken up into "trade regions" called "blocks".
A google search on "2010 free trade zone" brings up the following results:
1) Europe-Africa Free Trade Zone Possible by 2010 2) "China and 10 Southeast Asian countries agreed Monday in Phnom Penh to establish a free-trade zone between them by 2010" 3) "A free trade agreement between Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco was signed today in the Moroccan tourism resort Agadir. The free trade agreement is an important step in the envisaged creation of a Euro-Mediterranean free trade area by 2010, which will include close to 40 countries."
That is just for a start.
Read about the North American Super-Block at World Net Daily.
"The Task Force proposes the creation by 2010 of a North American community to enhance security, prosperity, and opportunity."
All these policies from around the world come to a head in the year 2010.
A coincidence? Just something to think about.

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