Sunday, June 18, 2006


I was just perusing Michael Totten's website, when I came across this post, which linked to a Milblog displaying pictures of North Korea. All I can say is...yikes! Evidently, most of the pictures were taken illegally, because freedom even to take pictures is not allowed. Money quote:
On your arrival you will be assigned to a guide and a driver. That will constantly follow you. You can't leave the hotel on your own. The daily program consists of 2-3 visits to a landmark. In the hotel you can watch BBC, NTV russian chan), and a couple of chinese channels, so you can't really complain about freedom of speech. The food is good, and you can't complain about that either. In a park he saw elder women picking up herbs, the guide said that it was for the rabbits, although it was clear that it was the kind of herb that the "owners of the rabbits" could eat.
Here is an image for you to enjoy. Note, it's in the biggest city, Pyongyang. I feel fright even looking at these photos! Update: seems that there are more pictures seen on a Russian site. The captions are in Russian, but the pictures do indeed say a thousand words... Link one, link two, three, four, and five. Truly amazing.


Citisucks said...
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Red Tulips said...

I am deleting citisucks's comment, because I refuse to allow the "corporate terrorist" nonsense to infect my blog.

Citisucks, if you want to discuss "corporate terrorists," do it on your blog, OR come up with FACTS, FIGURES, and CITATIONS on my blog that indeed the world is run by "corporate terrorists."

Furthermore, this blog entry was about COMMUNISM IN NORTH KOREA. If you insist on speaking of "corporate terrorism" in North Korea, I ask again for FACTS, FIGURES, and CITATIONS.

Until then, your comment remains deleted and all future comments of a like kind will be deleted.