Tuesday, June 20, 2006

"Blowing up" sexual norms!

This is Hitch at his best. Christopher Hitchens wrote a great article on the history of the blowjob, and explains why it's "as American as apple pie." Of particular note:
The recent and highly amusing documentary Inside Deep Throat shows—by re-creating the paradoxically Nixonian times that re-baptized Deep Throat to mean source rather than donor—how America grabbed the Olympic scepter of the blowjob and held on tight. In the film, there is the preserved figure of Helen Gurley Brown, den mother of Cosmo-style journalism for young ladies and author of Sex and the Single Girl, demonstrating her application technique as she tells us how she evolved from knowing nothing about oral sex to the realization that semen could be a terrific facial cream. ("It's full of babies," she squeals, unclear on the concept to the very last.) In closing, Dick Cavett declares that we have gone from looking at a marquee that read DEEP THROAT, and hoping it didn't mean what we thought it did, to "kids who don't even consider it sex." This would leave us with only one problem. Why do we still say, of something boring or obnoxious, that "it sucks." Ought that not be a compliment?
Oh, Hitch, how I love thee when he engages in sex and religion. Truly priceless!

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