Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I couldn't have said it better myself!

...Oh wait, I did! The Jerusalem Post wrote a great article about the double standards that are applied to Israel, verus every other nation in the world. It shocks and awes my soul that the Israeli leadership does not spend more time pointing this out. But then, perhaps that is due to Ehud Olmert's "lovely" family being extreme left-wingers opposed to the State of Israel. He cannot convince his family to change, so why should we expect him to convince the world to change? I do not understand why the rest of the world is allowed to defend itself in whatever way it wants, but the residents of Sderot have to face constant onslaughts of rockets without the government stepping in to protect their citizenry's very right to survival. Oh, that's right. Here's the common lines. "I have one standard for Israel and another for the rest of the world, but I looooove the Jews, they are my BEST FRIENDS!" "I do not believe Israel, the one Jewish state, should defend itself, while I accord that right tenfold to others...but Jews rock!" "Zionism is racism, but I am totally cool with Muslim nations excluding Jews from the Middle East. And how dare you say I am antisemitic! I am totally only anti-zionist!" Riiiiiiiight. It's time for these people to be called out for what they are: antisemites. It's time for the world to apply the same standard to Israel that it applies to every other nation in the world. It's time to start believing in a little thing called universal human rights.


Citisucks said...

Please-the world is not black and white. Your right you couldn't have done a better job of making up lies and making up quotes than the MSM themselves.

Red Tulips said...

The world is far from black and white. But those who apply a different standard to Israel than to every other country on earth are latent racists. Period.

Dave said...


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Anonymous said...

JimmytheClam from LGF here:

Racism? Antisemitism? I think those are the easy answers, but not necessarily the right ones.

This is an issue I have been thinking about for years and I still have no concrete answers.

Yes, your average Arab Muslim IS an antisemitic Jew-Hating racist. That is hardwired into Islam. I get it.
The part I don't understand is the sharing of the same attitudes in the Lefty Westerners, most of whom really are NOT antisemites.
There is something else at play here, but I don't know what it is.

Red Tulips said...

Jimmy the Clam:

The left employs the soft bigotry of low expectations, which is latent racism.


Can do. :-)

Anonymous said...


If it were the "soft bigotry of low expectations" then Israel could do as she pleases and they would always make excuses.
I'm not saying they do not practice that, but they do not practice it in Israel's case if I'm understanding you correctly.

The irrational hatred of Israel is there, but it does not take so friendly a form.

Red Tulips said...


The soft bigotry of low expectations is on the Arab nations surrounding Israel, and on the Palestinians. I wrote a whole post about this one. You can read it here.


Render said...


Sorta off topic here...

Just wanted to say that I'm glad you showed up at LGF.


Red Tulips said...



Citisucks said...

Well, I'm not suprised your trying to call me a racist. The Democraps (aka SUV liberal left) have stolen all the rights tactics such as twisting the truth to create lies and then accusing the few non-racists in the United States of being racists. This also demostrates the complete merger of the rethugs and the democraps. And to fight this I will be donating a second dollar to the green party in your name.

Red Tulips said...


Wow, such a shocking threat. I really am quaking in my boots. I note that you have to respond to a truism with a "threat." Oh, go ahead and donate a third dollar. See if I give even half a shit.

Citisucks said...

Actually this is the 4th dollar. It's not a threat, its a promise to fix this !@#$%^ up world.

By the way I notice you never answer my questions or actually truly respond to my comments. Now why would that be?

Red Tulips said...

Giving to the Green Party is hardly "fixing this world." But live in your illusions if you want.

You have yet to ask a question or even say a single intelligible thing. I am asking you for the last time to please come up with something intelligible, because your comments are predictable and boring.