Monday, December 4, 2006

Twin outrages of the day

Outrage #1: Israel is considering releasing convicted quintupal murderer Marwan Barghouti for...promises of peace and fluffy puppies from the Palestinian Authority. (aka nothing!) You know, I really do believe that it has gotten so bad in Israel, it may be beyond suicidal incompetance. Outrage #2: John Bolton, incapable of being confirmed to the UN, has resigned. Oh well! This one actually will probably have little to no effect. After all, the UN is a hapless, corrupt, terror supporting organization. It legitimizes terrorists. They aid and abet Hizballah. I believe the UN is so bad, that it is beyond saving, unless they get rid of nations such as Sudan, Saudi Arabia, and Libya that populate it. The UN should be immediately disbanded, and/or sent to France, and have all of the diplomats' cars towed and impounded. A girl can dream!


Albion Moonlight said...

You are actually dismayed that rabid mouth-frother Bolton resigned? We have drifted far apart sister.

Red Tulips said...


I don't see Bolton as a mouth frother. I also see the UN as a feckless, corrupt, terror-enabling institution. Therefore, his tough talk was welcomed.

Anyway, glad to see you here, Albion!

Albion Moonlight said...

Well, I'd argue that the US and just about every other government ever conceived fall under the same category. But yeah, I do occasionally drop by to see what yer up to. I've decided to drop out of the culture wars though. Seeing as I don't believe in God, I guess I'll let everybody else duke it out over who has the best God.

Thomas Forsyth said...

This news isn't good, and I fear Israel's Governemnet is guilty of the brand of altruism Ayn Rand is so critical of.

I am not surprised by Bolton's resignation, and I wish Bush cpuld simply delay any nomineee and suspend the whole US delegation, but such won't happen. Besides, that piece of real estate will generate a nice bit of income for the State Dept when converted into Upper East Side real estate.

Red Tulips said...


You cannot possibly believe that the US is the same as Sudan. Surely you see distinctions. The US, for all its faults, is a nation that cares about human rights. The nations I listed (plus many more) do not.


Dammit, it would be nice if the UN real estate was simply low cost housing!

Steven said...

I am really put down by Bolton resigning. It had to happen though because they were not going to pay him - and if he stayed it would be for nothing.

Or maybe thats shallow of me.

Mr. Smarterthanyou said...

Get rid of socialist rent control and land use restrictions, and you wouldn't need low cost housing projects, because it would cost less to start with.

I say kick out the UN and put the land up for auction, then use the profit to pay down the nat'l debt.

Anonymous said...

For someone who is suposedly smarter than everyone else, you seem unable to see that she was half joking in that post.

Mr. Smarterthanyou said...

I'm not smarter than everyone else, just 98% of them.