Tuesday, December 26, 2006

In the true spirit of giving...

...Aussie Dave showed exactly how Israel is partaking in the holiday spirit. At this point, I honestly find it hard to even read the news going on in Israel - Olmert is so suicidally incompetent that I have decided he is actively doing all he can to aid and abet Palestinian terrorists. But he'll get his. A poll in August showed that only 14% of Israelis would vote for Olmert if polls were held that day. That poll said 63% wanted Olmert to quit. Given recent news, I would suspect support for Olmert has dropped to an even lower number. In short, he is rather universally despised in Israel as a persona non grata. Meanwhile, in the UK, there was the 'alternative Christmas message.' This was a message of a converted British woman in a niqab, arguing somehow the niaqb empowered her. How does it do that, exactly? By making her disappear into the woodwork, she is empowered. By showing she does not deserve to show her face, she is empowered. The non-thinking insanity of the 'niqab-feminists' is that the niqab somehow takes sex out of the equation. To them I say: tell that to the women in Cairo who were raped en masse. And by that logic, men should be castrated and everyone should simply be lobotomized, as that takes sex out of the equation as well! Of course, there is the female circumcision in much of the Muslim world - that certainly takes sex out of the equation. TRUE feminism recognizes and celebrates female and male sexuality as part of humanity. TRUE feminism does not say that women are pieces of meat who must be covered up, otherwise the men-as-cats will devour them. TRUE feminism advocates personal responsibility. TRUE feminism does not hide behind religious barbarism and say "Oh, that's cool, because it's religious barbarism, it gets a free pass!" This hideous excuse for a human being you will see in the video below somehow is the descendant of a suffragette. Her great-grandma is spinning in her grave. What a total and complete joke. It takes a perverse sort of non-logic to actually say that this woman is advocating for woman's rights. Appalling, that some people buy that. UPDATE: Seems there were scenes of Muslims praying on the air while the Queen delivered her annual Christmas message. I have less problems with this than the appalling 'niqab feminist,' but I do find it amusing that there would NEVER be a shot of Christians (or non-existent God forbid, Jews!) praying during any Eid broadcast in the Muslim world.


felix said...

Why does there have to be an alternate message to the Queen's Christmas message anyway? In the US, we have the out party give a response to the President's State of the union message. But here, what's the point?

Wearing the veil in public should be outlawed. period. Wearing the veil in public self-identifies one as a radical islamist, in that one of the criteria for being a radical islamists is advocating the imposition of sharia law on the host country's muslim population. So women who want to wear the veil in public should leave the country and live someplace where they let you do it.

I am trying to figure out a way to get the US to outlaw wearing the veil in public. We used to have laws against mask wearing--designed to thwart the efforts of the Ku Klux Klan. Maybe the idea is to pick one--just one--thing that the Islamofascists do, like having women wear veils (masks) in public and outlaw it. And then stick to it. This issue is a winner--what with everyone so security conscious.

The legislation should ban mask wearing in public--you don't even have to mention the veil. The justification is security. I mean we are installing video cameras all over the place--in our downtowns, at shopping malls, office building--so how do these mask wearers get off evading the system.?

Bumper Sticker: Ban Masks Now!

Red Tulips said...


Perfectly said. That should be a bumper sticker!

Irina Tsukerman said...

What I don't understand is how and why so many people are obsessed with sex and see it everywhere. I mean, come on, when I enter into a roomful of random strangers, sex is the LAST thing on my mind. I think those statements are doubly degrading to women, because it implies that for them, the sex drive is an uncontrollable drive; whereas, much of it most likely derives from factors other than just seeing a person - i.e. THE WAY THEY ARE TREATED!

Anonymous said...

That's an awesome post Tulip,and i totally agree with Felix.Merry christmas to you and all those who are working on such a nice blog.

Red Tulips said...


As far as I know, the Muslim world is not saying the women are the sexual aggressors - they are saying that the women who are not in burqas are like uncovered meat, and the men are like animals, and are unable to control their urge to rape/molest/otherwise brutalize said women. Therefore, the onus is on women to cover up, or she is asking for it.


Thanks for stopping by, and Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said...

I do not want to see an unfair
anti mask law where I live!
If I want to wear a mask in public
for personal enjoyment that should
NOT be illegal. There is no law like this in South Korea!

AntigoneRisen said...

I don't see an anti-mask law being enforcable, or particularly prudent. Although I disagree with the decision to cover the face, I believe that women should have the right to do this within reason. (The within reason referring to the Florida, USA case of a woman wanting the picture on her driver's license to be of her covered face, when the purpose of the picture is for clear identification.) However, I do become concerned with the nature of "choose". Often women making this choice are not at all making a free choice, as they face social stigma and ramifications such that it is not possible for them to choose not to wear it. If not wearing it is not an option, wearing it is not truly a choice, it is an obligation.