Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Dhimmi Carter's abomination book

Two great posts were written about Jimmah Carter's new abomination book: Palestine: Peace, Not Apartheid. David Harris from the AJC in the Jerusalem Post: Excerpt:
The extent that Carter goes in propping up an extreme version of the Palestinian narrative, and in burying and devaluing any trace of the Israeli and American versions of events, is deeply disappointing. In accepting the Palestinian narrative, Carter has conveniently revised history, excused the Palestinians for their tragic failure to come to terms with Israel each time the chance presented itself, and blithely ignored Israel's very legitimate security concerns. Many Israelis, including those that once greatly admired his role in fostering peace with Egypt, may never again trust Carter's diplomacy, including his vaunted role as an election monitor. He can no longer claim to be an honest broker. This book will not help the cause of peace, and with its publication, the world has lost a statesman at a time when one is most needed.
Alan Dershowitz at HuffPost: Excerpt:
His bias against Israel shows by his selection of the book's title: "Palestine: Peace not Apartheid." The suggestion that without peace Israel is an apartheid state analogous to South Africa is simply wrong. The basic evil of South African apartheid, against which I and so many other Jews fought, was the absolute control over a majority of blacks by a small minority of whites. It was the opposite of democracy. In Israel majority rules; it is a vibrant secular democracy, which just today recognized gay marriages performed abroad. Arabs serve in the Knesset, on the Supreme Court and get to vote for their representatives, many of whom strongly oppose Israeli policies. Israel has repeatedly offered to end its occupation of areas it captured in a defensive war in exchange for peace and full recognition. The reality is that other Arab and Muslim nations do in fact practice apartheid. In Jordan, no Jew can be a citizen or own land. The same is true in Saudi Arabia, which has separate roads for Muslims and non-Muslims. Even in the Palestinian authority, the increasing influence of Hamas threatens to create Islamic hegemony over non-Muslims. Arab Christians are leaving in droves. Why then would Jimmy Carter invoke the concept of apartheid in his attack on Israel? Even he acknowledges--though he buries this toward the end of his book--that what is going on in Israel today "is unlike that in South Africa--not racism, but the acquisition of land." But Israel's motive for holding on to this land is the prevention of terrorism. It has repeatedly offered to exchange land for peace and did so in Gaza and southern Lebanon only to have the returned land used for terrorism, kidnappings and rocket launchings.
Read the whole thing of both! Must reads! It is sad and inexcusable that an ex-president would stoop so low. He is an abomination, as is his book. He should be ashamed of himself, except I have come to believe that he has no shame. UPDATE! I sent out this post, full text, to my law school Democrats list serv. One of the responses I got back was particularly disgusting. It is so bad as to be comical, and a must read for C4A readers:

I usually don't respond to e-mails like this, but I was saddened at thedisgraceful propaganda send by a democrat (this is usually a republicantactic). Don't you think that a jewish student, a jewish lawyer, and the Jerusalempost might have its own bias?

You wanna put out an excerpt you should put one in from the book itself,not from some bias filter. Although I'm willing to bet that the senderof this e-mail didn't even read Carter's book.

This is saying that I couldn't possibly be informed and clear headed about Israel, because I am Jewish. It is the old canard - saying Jews cannot be trusted in public office, because they care about Israel first above all else, against American interests. What a load of bull caca. And guess what? I read the intro to this book - and that was enough. It had so many glaring lies and distortions, I started to feel like I was ready to vomit, and had to stop reading, for my own health! Jimmah should be ashamed of himself, as should that Dem lawyer, who evidently cannot clearly look at facts, and rather, must engage in character assassination instead.

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