Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Baker baker men, cook me a deal

I need to find a good googlebombing nasty nickname for James Baker. Just in case you feel you can't dislike Baker any more, you learn he may be an enemy of his own country. Arutz Sheeva has an interesting article on this double dealing oil hungry WASP. If there is any justice, George W Bush's approval rating will drop to single digits for using the services of this bottom feeder.


Anonymous said...

I found your site through DKos. I understand a disgust with Kossaks, I'm a Democrat, and I can't stand most of that bunch. Mindless conformity rules the day and night at DKos. People making the same comments and arguments over and over again, debating with ruthless inane passion the most trivial things. And that 'troll rating system' or whatever they call it: ONLY A DRONE WOULD TOLERATE SUCH A THING.

F the DKos! Oh yah, and Kos is such a whiny little cutie.

Red Tulips said...

What is your screen name on DKos? Some of the posters are good - such as pumpkinlove and jphurtz. I try to give them recommends when I can.

I do find it amusing that the term 'Kossack' in fact was used during the turn of the 20th century to denote Russian troops who would terrorize Jewish towns in the Pale.

Kossack explained