Sunday, December 3, 2006

Alexander Litvinenko was a...zionist who deserved to die!

I knew this would happen. Did I not predict it? I was waiting for Putin to blame the death of Russian ex-KGB agent Alexander Litvinenko on the Zionists, and it seems something not dissimilar is taking place. Somehow, Litvinenko is being linked with the Jooooooos and the Evil Zionists, thereby sending the implication that he deserved to die. Go read it yourself ( - not hyperlinked so as to not add to the number of links to that blog!) Where did this allegation come from? A Debkafile story that says Litvinenko is alleged to have passed documents to Israel concerning Yukos Oil, that may be damaging to Russian leaders. Why Israel? Yukos Oil was run by a Jew (or at least someone born Jewish), currently imprisoned in Russia on orders from Putin. (Go read about Mikhail Khordorkovsky) Of course, the lying, manipulative, disgusting 'Go back to your slumber' blog does not mention the fact that Russia has some incredibly shady dealings, and Khordorkovsky's arrest was very suspect. Oh no. Merely meeting with Israeli officials, for whatever reason = Evil Zionist agent straight from Satan. There could never be a cause that is worthy. And of course, even if it is against Israel's interests to have murdered Litvienko (as it is), I am sure Israel will be blamed soon enough. Funny how I am correct about these things. But then again, it's quite easy to make these predictions. I am right every time, because the pattern is such a no-brainer. Something bad happens in the world? Must be the fault of the Jooooos!!!!


Steven said...

She got it the wrong way round. Putin is our man, as if we would go with someone in second or third command. ;)

Anonymous said...

It is obvious that all Russians who criticize Putin or oppose him or challenge him will end up either dead or in jail. Putin must be modelling his style on uncle Joe Stalin. Maybe he will start his own version of the Gulag Archipelago.

Steven said...

Putin, the true evil Zionist.

Thats the sort of thing that is projected onto us. In the mean time; look what Russia is doing.