Friday, December 29, 2006

Another reason why Olmert actually is treasonous and NOT suicidally incompetent

On Saturday night, Olmert flew a Palestinian flag side by side with an Israeli flag at his official residence. This is yet more evidence that Olmert does not have Israel's interests at heart. The list of things he has done are so long and wide, words fail me. He also recently expanded settlements in the West Bank. (30 families, it's basically nothing, but enough to cause the mouth breathing Israel haters to be up in arms) Let's recap... I don't see the tiny expansion of Israel's settlements to be much of an issue beyond the effect it has on anti-Israel propoganda. Why would Olmert stupidly and treasonly give up military checkpoints, give Fatah $100 million, let Egypt arm Fatah, and announce he will free Palestinian prisoners, while also expanding settlements??? [source] Olmert is arming the Palestinians and giving them money, taking away important protections for Israelis, and yet also making the Palestinians mad by expanding settlements. It is a recipe for total disaster. Why is Olmert doing what he is doing? I suspect he thinks the piddling settlement of 30 families (tiny number!) in the West Bank will somehow appease the more right wing elements in Israel who are outraged at Olmert's dismal suicidal incompetence. He is completely mistaken if he thinks this will make up for his other various actions. All this does is make the left, right, and center oppose him with a vengeance. At this point, he is persona non grata in Israel. Suicidal incomptence. And yet, by flying the Palestinian flag, I am really starting to believe he is actually treasonous, not suicidally incompetent. All I can say about Olmert is...*spits* I predict he will go down in flames as the worst PM in Israel's history - bar none.


felix said...

I think Ehud Barak was the worst Israeli PM. Although Olmert may surpass him. I don't see Olmert as treasonous, he is just foolish about the nature of the enemy Israel is facing.

Ibrahamav said...

Please. A Palestinian state must be established. Even if it is destroyed within the first few seconds of life.

Anonymous said...

He seems to have got himself in a predicament when he has to do certain things to survive as PM. He seems to be prepared to do whatever it takes. The main problem is with Israeli political system which allows tiny parties to call the shots and Olmert sure is doing their bidding. That would explain policy exremes.

It's none of my busines, but had it been me, Bibi would be running Israel as of tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I think you are spot on as far as Olmert is concerned.

Anonymous said...

Olmert is a despicable worm. And he's squirming the way worms are wont to - trying to keep his comfy chair, hanging by the nails to the few remaining sectors in Israeli society which do not yet despise him completely - the radical left and the anti-Israeli Arabs. Expanding the settlement was a futile attempt to somehow reconcile National-Religious Israelis, who are ready to string him.

Ibrahamav - agreed. They don't want a state, though. Sharon tried giving it to them anyway... and the Gaza experiment was destroyed within the first few seconds of life, by Gazans. Palestinians are violence junkies, sorry.

Shlemazl - Bibi is a snake. A brilliant speaker, on par with Dan Gillerman, but completely lacking in integrity, courage or honesty. He would make a wonderful spokesperson, but he cannot and must not be allowed to rule. Gaidamak now supports him, so Bibi's chances went way up. It's him vs Liberman now.

Oh... and Felix... Barak wasn't a particularly bad PM. He did get us out of Lebanon - in a stupid way, admittedly, but he did. His failing was arrogance - the man believed that he could do it all by himself, kind of like Sharon but much less cunning.

I just hope Olmert the Worm will go down before he can cause any more damage. The man's a menace.

Red Tulips said...

Raccoon and Felix:

I agree, I think Olmert is worse than Barak. I also have serious problems with Bibi. I cannot see who is great in the Israeli political scene at the moment. There's no one I am excited by - I just despise Olmert.


I also agree with Raccoon, re: the establishment of a state.


Something has to be done, because he is wrecking harm far and wide.

Right wing:

Glad you agree!

Ibrahamav said...

As with the Gaza strip, Israel must allow the palestinians to show the world that they are their own worst enemy.

And while they may vote in meaningless UN GA resolutions, the actual world powers will do nothing while Israel destroys the fleas.