Tuesday, December 5, 2006

NYC to remove trans fat from restaurants

Yes, it is true. What bull caca. If I want to eat fatty food, that is my right, no? Shouldn't the market take care of this? Simply report how much trans fat is in the food, and let consumers make an informed decision based on taste and health. Instead, nooooo, NYC has to be a nanny state, and cannot let its citizens decide things for themselves. What total bollocks.


Kevin said...

Transfats are a health risk, as they give rise to bad cholesterol levels in the blood which in turn leads to heart disease. You don't need transfats for tasty fried food. You just have to be more inventive with the raw materials.

Cutting the number of people with heart disease is also good for an economy, as there will be fit and healthy people that can work.

Red Tulips said...


Let it be up to the market to decide what's right - that is the bottom line.

And that is not happening.

Anonymous said...

All governments need to justify their existence. The way they do this is by passing new laws. Who is capable of keeping up with this incessant process? I don't think I can get through the day without breaking one of the governments laws, it's inevitable because there are so many.

Irina Tsukerman said...

Ugh, I can't stand it. I bet that one of the reasons for the law is the pressure from all the insurance companies who don't want to shell out the money. Wouldn't it be easier to hold people individually responsible for losing weight and making sure their cholesterol is where should be? : (

Thomas Forsyth said...

Here's an idea. Any meal that contains trans-fats would have an icon of Michael Moore next to it :)

Kevin> Lots of things are unhealthy, but when positive law is used to ban them, an essential liberty is vanquished.

Red Tulips> The market is the real key as that will determien how much people really care about trans fats.

Irina> I can see the inusrnace companies having a hand in this. I eat stuff that has high trans fats, but I also walk to work or ride my trike when the weather is good. If I didn't do that, I could always go to a gym after work and grab a book then head to a treadmill.

Or I can juts look at the menu and avoid items with a Michael Moore icon :)

Mr. Smarterthanyou said...

Keep voting for liberal politicians, and you will see the nanny state grow.

I can't wait for someone to call Bloomberg a conservative now.

Leilouta said...

"Here's an idea. Any meal that contains trans-fats would have an icon of Michael Moore next to it :)"


Kevin said...

Mr. Smarterthanyou>Nanny state>
Cause> Tony Blair>Effects>Political correctness gone mad.

Transfats should be phased out over a peroid of time, so people get used to the taste of non transfat foods.
As for Insurance companies ? They never want to pay out for anything.