Monday, December 18, 2006

Not commercial enough?

Now, I don't celebrate Chimas (Chi is the Greek letter that looks like an "X") or as I love it to call it, Humbug, but I do enjoy the annual articles in Capitalism Magazine on Humbug and how it should be more commercial. Granted, I'm going to do my gift giving on June 3, World Capitalism Day, but I do enjoy this article, especially for some reactions I can get :) It is also a good bit of American history explaining the American Santa Claus and how a Dutch saint who left chocolate in wooden shoes evolved into the icon we know of. I also know that the 25th of December only became a federal holiday in 1870, though Santa Claus was made up in 1822, at the dawn of the Industrial Revolution in America, and a symbol of the abundance to come. Also, while I do not celebrate or recognize Humbug, these Christian fanatics almost make me want to give out Humbug gifts just to spite them :)

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Red Tulips said...

Thomas, this is why we are friends. Great post! The history of Christmas is very different from the hysterical Bill O'Reilly version of it.