Monday, December 25, 2006

Highlights of 2006 and resolutions for 2007

This is a post inspired by the lovely Raccoon. It is the official Red Tulips highlights/resolution post. That said, first I want to say... Anyway, back to the post...

Highlights of 2006...

- I started off 2006 in law school, and by now I have graduated law school and passed the bar exam. Surely this is a highlight!

- My entire political outlook changed. At the start of 2006, I was a regular Kos Kid, who thought Bush was the biggest threat to world peace. I have since had a total political awakening, probably most attributable to my ex-friend qrswave's paranoid antisemitic rantings, combined with the Danish cartoons. This inspired a few things...

- I started this blog, and have since met some wonderful new friends, some in person, such as Thomas, Irina, Sandmonkey, and Zeyad. I also have met many wonderful people online, including Steven, Shlemazl, Raccoon, BEAJ, GCL, Render, and many more.

- I became active in the American Jewish Committee.

- I have been reading books nonstop, to inform myself as much as possible about Islamofascism and general Middle Eastern history.

- I have taken Hebrew classes.

- I have a trip booked to go to Israel!

- I have actually been working out, as shocking as that is to imagine. I have toned down a bit, and I am getting more toned!

- I traveled to Europe, including to Stockholm for ONE DAY! I also traveled to Las Vegas, Michigan, and Florida. (last two were not exciting in the slightest, I assure you)

- I started a job - which I cannot go into detail about, as this is a public site!

Resolutions for 2007...

- I am going to continue exercising and get toned and fit.

- I am going to apply for a new job and GET ONE.

- I am going to learn more Hebrew.

- I hope to become more active in the community at large, with organizations such as AJC.

- I will maintain this website a bit better, and turn this into a more thriving community for like minded social liberals who are hit by the reality of Islamofascism.

- I obviously have a trip planned to go to Israel, but I hope also to go to Toronto again, and see the friends I saw in August, as well as possibly Shlemazl.

- I will continue my reading, and I hope to eventually have a vast and detailed knowledge of Jewish, Islamic, and Christian history. I think this is all so important and relevant to the current world.

- I need to get back into art - I have a wasted talent!

Those are my highlights of 2006 and resolution for 2007. Have a Merry Christmas, everyone!


felix said...

Sounds like you made alot of changes during the year. Change in political outlook can be especially difficult because it means admitting our former views were off. Keep up the exercise program. Happy Channukah, Merry Christmas.

Oh, and check out my latest blog.

Anonymous said...

I used to be a pretty good artist until the 60's. I wasted a lot getting wasted.

Red Tulips said...


I agree with the post on your latest blog entry - but implementing it is near impossible.


You can always get back into it!

The Raccoon said...

Woo-hoo, the Raccoon is liked! Yei! :)

Changing your outlook in such way is no small thing. Tons and huge big bundles of respect to you :)

Seems like you've had a full and eventful year - just the way they should be.

... I wish I could say the same thing about meself regarding exercise :/

What sorta artistic talent is being wasted in your function as an underling to Emperor Palpatine? :)

Red Tulips said...


Of course you are liked! :-)

Perhaps my previous couch potato self will inspire you to exercise more. :-)

As far as artistic talent - I have an innate talent for drawing/painting.

BaconEating AtheistJew said...

Happy holidays, and you sound busy. Busy is good.

Anonymous said...


Urban_Infidel said...

Wonderful post Red Tulip.

While I was never a raving liberal, I was a democrat until recently.

Sounds like you've had a great year. Lets make 2007 one to remember. In a good way, of course!