Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The irony of Jordanian ironies

Irony of the day: Jordanian King Abdullah II asks Israel to state position on Palestinian statehood. Remember that the vast majority of Jordan is Palestinian, and in fact killed more Palestinians than Israel did in its entire history. (1970 - Black September) Jordan is a far bigger country than Israel and could offer to cede territory to Palestinians within its borders, but does not. It is grandly amusing that the king of Jordan asks ISRAEL about its plans for Palestinian statehood, while in fact the king of Jordan is himself responsible for denying the Palestinians statehood. Pot, kettle -> black UPDATE: Sandmonkey explains Jordanian dynamics right here!


Anonymous said...

If Jordan did that, it could potentially end or scale back the entire controversy of Israel vs Palestine. And if that happens, many of the muslims of the middle east and the world would lose their biggest issue that lets them be self reighteous.

Its like how the corporate/elite wing of the GOP never intended to deliver on any of the promises to the religious right, like banning abortion or gay marraige, because they knew they NEEDED those issues to keep their "base" angry ang agitated so they could use it to assure support.

Its the same thing with many muslim leaders, I would imagine. Its much more useful to them to keep their subjects and supporters and followersd angry over this issue than work for a real solution.

Red Tulips said...


So true! The I/P issue is the ultimate 'wedge issue' of the Middle East.

Anonymous said...

Heh. The Plight of the Palestinians(tm) was created by Arabs, for Arabs - a useful tool for justifying oppression, keeping the seething of the masses pointed in the right direction (Israel), and making sure the dregs of Arab world (Palestinians) keep out of their oil-slicked hair.

Why should they work to destroy the most succesful thing to come out of the Arab/Muslim world in the past 800 years or so?

Red Tulips said...