Saturday, February 10, 2007

'Israeli apartheid' week comes to NYC

The useful idiots are out there again, with their "Israeli Apartheid" Week in NYC. I would attend one of those events, to videotape and document it all for you kind folks, except my time now is spent looking for apartments (as I already wrote). In any case, if any of you would like to attend of these events in order to document the antisemitism in NYC, here is the listing of events. The antisemitism of the far-left is there for the world to see...if you want to see it.


Mr. Smarterthanyou said...

You said far-left. Does that make you sleep better at night? When Arafat was the #1 foreign "dignitary" visiter to the Cinton white house, When Jimmah Carter is "far left", when the DNC had a terrorist supporting Imam deliver a clearly inapropriate "prayer" at their convention, and the DNC chair is on record supporting him, you cannot continue to pretend to be ignorant of the fact that the mainstream left, the Democratic party as a whole, is anti-Israel, anti-semetic and willing to do ANYTHING to appease our Islamacist enemies, including in some cases, incrimental dhimmitude.

How many jewish leaders in 1930's Germany lived in the same sort of denial?

felix said...

Red Tulips,
One of the locations of the anti-Israel rallies is the Judson Memorial Church in Greenwich Village. Several months ago there was a Lynn Stewart rally held there. For decades the Judson Church was a center for fighting for gay rights and against anti-gay discrimination.

Now it is hosting supporters of Islamofascists who, if they ever took over, would again promulgate bigotry against gays. This a shame and a disgrace to the church's history, IMHO.

Anonymous said...

I'd check it out if I were closer, but let me tell you about the upcoming protest in DC on March 17th:

Good blog, keep it up. I'll stop in periodically.

Greg said...

We briefly interrupt this segment of "Culture for All" for an urgent update. He who's known to you as "Greg" of "Hear, O Israel!" has posted a short piece on what he'd do if elected Prime Minister in this here Israel. Y'all are welcome to come on over and present your shrewd intellectual arguments.