Thursday, February 22, 2007

India, Israel, and the future

Lately, I have come to believe that India key to defeating Islamofascism, and to that end, India and Israel have the potential for a great alliance. My thought is that India faces the same threats that the US faces, and the same threats that Israel faces, but the difference between India and say...Western that India has no long history of antisemitism. Actually, Hinduism is a very tolerant faith. It also shares a commonality with Judaism in its lack of prosletization. India has the same percentage of Muslims within its country that Israel has, and much of the same issues regarding this Muslim population. Furthermore, India, like Israel, faces daily terror attacks, and is seeking to keep a democracy despite these terror attacks. If Israel is to survive, it needs strategic allies it can count on, and by strategic allies, I mean more than the US. India too needs strategic allies it can trust, and cannot rely upon the third world dictator circle. And so who can India trust? The US? Maybe, sure. But again, India needs more than the US. The UK? There's a great deal of baggage with the UK (baggage Israel also has, as it too was a colony of the UK at one point). Europe? Europe, in addition to its long history of antisemitism, appears on the brink of increasing dhimmitude. China? Maoists are attacking East India! (source) And so, with this in mind, I have realized that India and Israel are in a place where their interests are strategically aligned. But more than just a geopolitical alignment, the people are aligned. Israeli tourists regularly go to India - in fact, there are parts of India where the menus are in Hebrew! Israel has much to offer India, in the form of advanced technologies, trade, extensive knowledge of anti-terror ops, as well as its Mossad intelligence network. India has much to offer Israel, in terms of the advanced technologies of India, trade, India's intelligence network, as well as a vast country with raw materials for trading. And of course, it can't hurt to have a nation with a population of nearly a billion people to back Israel. To this end, I attended a recent conference at Columbia University, discussing this very issue. The Indian Ambassador to the U.S. was on hand, and praising Israel! How many ambassadors nowadays are praising Israel? An Indian intelligence chief spoke of shared intelligence and army operations between the two countries, and an Indian Jewish leader spoke of the Jewish history within India. All the building blocks are there for a very fruitful future relationship. It's all one war. Jump to page 24 of the following document to see how all the Islamic terror organizations are linked in some way. Just yesterday, two Hizb-al-Mujahideen terrorists were arrested in Kashmir. It is one war, but it can be one peace. Hopefully in the future, there will be more partnerships created to make the world a better place.


Irina Tsukerman said...

I agree with you completely. Unfortunately, India isn't being that much discussed in the U.S., except in the context of job outsourcing... but despite the fact that it has its own internal issues, I think the country has a lot of potential and can indeed turn out to be a reliable partner. I really want to visit it one day myself.

Red Tulips said...


I am glad we are in agreement! And I too one day hope to travel to India. Maybe we can go together?

Hope all is well,

Red Tulips

Irina Tsukerman said...

Sounds like a great idea! : )

Saul Green said...

India may have alot in common with Israel in regard to the issue with radical Islam; however India has never been great friend of Israel. India has only begrudging acknowledged India in the late 80s with full dipomatic ties established in the 90s.

India's politics is such that it has no wish to be part of an alliance with Israel, India will always wish to be non-aligned.

India does not need Israel, and Israeli tourist behave like drug crazed idiots in Goa, Dharasalam, etc.

Israel should concentrate on China as a strategic partner, leave India and her people out of this 'great game'.