Thursday, February 8, 2007

Anna...where for art thou ANNA?

So it seems, ladies and gents, that the illustrious Anna Nicole Smith is dead. The world lost a stellar citizen of the world today, a true human bastion of excellence. Whatever shall the world do without this illustrious human being to show us the way? I know I shall be unable to sleep, from the sheer loss of this incredible example for mankind. ...Okay, this is a bit much, but I actually am in a bit of shock over this. I wonder what will happen to her little baby, who is possibly heir to a fortune? This is a tabloid and lawyer's wet dream: rich gold-digging bimbo marries a near-death billionaire for his money, and the billionaire predictably croaks soon after. Major battle over the estate soon follows (during which Anna Nicole Smith becomes a blimp and then famously loses the weight), and the billionaire's own son croaks, and so it ends up being a battle between the estate of that son and Anna Nicole Smith. Said battle makes it all the way up to the Supreme Court. Then Anna Nicole Smith conceives a baby, the father of it right now being in dispute, and her son dies en route to the hospital to visit the baby! So now it is a battle between the guardian of her little tot (itself under contention and will involve all sorts of court battles), and the estate of the billionaire's son. Yup...tabloid and lawyer's wet dream indeed!

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Mr. Smarterthanyou said...

They should advertise a 1 hour special on tv about her. Then 5 minutes into it, transmit a sterilization signal. Anyone who can spend more than 1 minute caring about this bimbo when we think about the real problems in the world doesn't need to be breeding. Do the same thing with WWF wrestling and the View.

America would be improved. Oops, my minute is up.