Tuesday, February 6, 2007

WARNING to everyone!

I was on LouLou's site, and clicked on something that said "blogger hack," thinking it gave code for blogspot. WARNING: it took me to a porn site!!!! DO NOT CLICK ON SUCH A LINK! I have fulfilled my obligations for today. A post on other things of consequence will eventually follow.


shlemazl said...

How much did LowLow pay you to raise her traffic?

ratherdashing said...

Reminds me of the time I was trying to repair a very old shallow well pump for a cistern. Well the thing had leather cups in the pumping mechanism that were dry and wore out. So I googled 'pump leather' or some such thing and got a list of fetish websites.

...just tryin' to mind my own business and got hit broadside.

Red Tulips said...


LOL, LouLou's site nearly gave me a heart attack when I click on it at work, so I thought I would warn people about it! It seems she has since fixed it.


It is hugely frustrating when you are trying to AVOID porn, and yet it seems to follow you, wherever you go!