Thursday, February 22, 2007

Israel accepts Darfur refugees

Israel, the one JEWISH state in the world has now given refugee status to MUSLIM individuals who fled war-torn Darfur. You can read more of the details here. I find this all quite astonishing. I believe this is the first time Israel has granted refugee status to Muslims fleeing a nation that is an enemy state of Israel. It should be noted that the choices for the Darfur refugees is otherwise very grim; they are not welcomed by most Middle Eastern/African nations, and are fleeing across the Sudanese border illegally, and then treated like crap in these nations. My thought on this is one of pride in Israel, but concern that this will open the floodgates to the millions of Sudanese refugees who absolutely DO need a place to go...but should not choose the tiny nation of Israel (with all the problems Israel faces), as that place. In any case, it does become hard to call Israel an "apartheid state" when it does things such as this, huh? Somehow, I doubt anyone in the world will pay attention to this story or even care.


shlemazl said...

Nice. Why are there Muslim refugees from Sudan though? I thought it was Muslim militia attacking pagan or Christian tribes that was the reason for refugees in the first place

Red Tulips said...


That might have been the start of the conflict. The Darfur mess has come to basically turn into Islamic fundie nuts attacking anyone who is not an Islamic fundie nut. (thus, including many moderate Muslims)

It's become Muslims killing Muslims, just like so many other conflicts in the world.