Sunday, February 25, 2007

Islamic Hate Text-books, in the United Kingdom

Ace of Spades linked to a you tube video that shows how a Saudi school...IN THE UK...teaches that Jews and Christians are apes and pigs, and that anyone who isn't Muslim will perish in hellfire. The headmistress of the school was questioned, and saw nothing wrong with the textbooks! Actually, she said they are perfectly fine and non-hateful. Go watch, yourself It's sad and sick to see indoctrination in Islamic countries. It's worse to see such indoctrination in a nation known for Locke, Hobbes, Maggie Thatcher, and Churchill. I ask you can we fight effective wars abroad when we aren't even doing enough on the home front?

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Kevin said...

It's a Saudi funded school. Hence i was not surprised by what the text books contained.
Radical Islam > Saudi Arabia.