Thursday, February 22, 2007

Blogger Abdel Kareem in Egypt jailed for insulting Islam and President Mubarak

Abdel Kareem, a blogger in Egypt, was sentenced to FOUR YEARS in prison for insulting Islam and Mubarak. You can read about it here. Very troubling to think of the implications this verdict has on people like Sandmonkey. This is extra troubling:
Seconds after he was loaded into the truck and the door closed, an Associated Press reporter heard the sound of a slap from inside the vehicle and a shriek of pain from Nabil.
You know what that will mean for Kareem. He will be tortured in prison. He likely already is being tortured. If you would like to do something about this, I suggest writing to the Egyptian Embassy. The link is here. Maybe together, we can make a small difference.


PM said...

should we fear from this tulip?
neh we will do more bloging now..
especially about Egypt...

ratherdashing said...

This sickens me.