Monday, February 26, 2007

Pakistani brewery creates Muslim world's first 20-year whiskey

This is some positive news! It seems that a Zorostrian-owned brewery in Pakistan produced a 20-year-old malt whiskey. Officially, the liquor is marketed to the 3% of non-Muslims in Pakistan. Unofficially, the owner of the company says that he believes 99% of the drinkers are Muslim. This just shows you but one example of the wide gap between laws that are officially on the books, and the reality of life. Read the story here! This story is but one example of how the micro-management of Sharia law simply does not work, and even Muslims rebel against it. But how much do you want to bet that the vast majority of liquor drinking Muslims also believe that liquor should be banned in Pakistan? There is extreme cognative dissonance...but hopefully, one day soon, people will WAKE UP and realize the wide gap between the reality of life and the wishful thinking of Sharia law.

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