Thursday, February 22, 2007

The MSM continues its diservice to readers

Continuing its disgraceful trend of doing a disservice to its readers, the mainstream Media (MSM) again censored various parts of reports coming about the “Deal Express incident” (Samjhauta Express). This censorship concerns whether the individuals detained are Muslim or Hindu. This time the victims were Muslims, but the censorship may stem from MSM fears that Muslims will strike back at Muslims if they bring to light that the detained persons were Muslims. Or, perhaps MSM fears that it will boost a feeling of “Islamophobia” in Muslims against Muslims. In our previous report, we discussed different factors behind the recent Samjhauta Express bombing, including “Why Panipat was choosen”. The new outcomes from media reports well illustrates our report. The terrorist, who planned suitcase bombs inside “Samjhauta Express” flew using western UP (cultural hub of the Deobandi sect of Islam). In any case, once again, MSM news is clashing with the truth (in this case, raping with the truth!) This has gone beyond just mangling the words, now they are involved in hiding figures presented by Police. BBC quoted:
Police in India say they have detained three people in connection with Sunday's bomb attack aboard a train travelling from India to Pakistan.
It further added,
The three people (two men and a woman) were detained by police in Bikaner, one of Rajasthan's four districts bordering Pakistan, says the BBC correspondent in the state.
For the same incident covered at NDTV says:

Also, six people have been held by the police in Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan. Of the six people, two were picked up for questioning in western UP and four in Rajasthan.

Among the four people detained in Rajasthan is a married couple from the Naya Sahar locality of Bikaner.The couple provided the police with leads which led to two more people being held in Bikaner.

The police sketches were based on eyewitness descriptions of the men who left the train just before the bombs exploded.

IBNLive, another news channel from India, has provided a bit more insight to the story. It documented something that other Media skipped.

The five were held from Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Old Delhi. Among them were a Muslim man and his wife who were detained from Naya Sahar in Bikaner, Rajasthan.

The raids were conducted in Bikaner and other parts of Rajasthan, including Jaipur, based on intelligence inputs, Bikaner Superintendent of Police Ashok Rathore told PTI.

He added that no names were being revealed yet due to security reasons but stated that the raids were still on.

We can take from this that the frame for the direction of the investigation is setting. The questions still always exist, Were the radical Hindus using a Muslim to blow Muslims? …Or, were they new converts to Islam radicalised by ‘peaceful Imams,’ due to ‘bad communication skills and misinterpretation of Koran?’ …Or were they Muslims fed with a radical mentality from birth?


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