Wednesday, September 6, 2006

"We're not a threat...but, oh yeah..follow 'God's Path' OR ELSE!"

In yet another of Ahmedinajad's delusional, anti-west and anti-rational thought rants, he proclaimed that "Those who do not respond to the invitation (to follow God's will), as we said, will have no good fate." Oh really? God's will? That's nice to know. So, essentially Ahmedinadinnerjacket (thanks, Carl in Jerusalem for that nickname!) told the west "convert or die." He earlier spoke of wiping Israel off the map, and said that the Holocaust did not happen. He also is openly getting nuclear technology, without ANYONE STOPPING HIM! Oh yeah, and Iran's regime has supported terrorists the world over for years, including even the IRA, as I noted. This is a man that is a hero of the Arab world. This is a man who is seeking nukes. This is a man who the far leftists of the world will appologize for. This is a man who is actually taken seriously by journalists, including MIKE WALLACE! Just disgusting. It's truly astonishing what passes for world leaders nowadays. It's also truly astonishing the complete blindness that much of the world has to the threats facing the world today. As far as I go...when I see a world leader threatening genocide...I tend to sit up and take notice. I tend to think there is at least some meaning behind those words. But, oh right, action would mean that China and Russia would have to get off its tuchus in the UN and pass a resolution! As gayconservativeliberal pointed out, we can't have that, can we? The whole situation is tricky. I am not sure what the right approach is to Ahmedinadinnerjacket, but I am sure that 'people' such as himself only understand force, and I fail to see how negotiations are going to lead to anything. (that doesn't mean that open warfare is needed, either)


Thomas Forsyth said...

I coudl comment about crazy dictator Ahmenidinnerjacket and his talk of destroying Israel, and Israel probably has plans to take care of Iran just in case.

The IRA is an organization I despise. I am of Irish (though that was over a century ago when my great grandmother came over from Belfast) descent and I find that they have nothing to offer and if Nortehrn Ireland was properly restored to Gaelic rule, the Irish Government would not tolerate their malarkey.

The UN is by and large a useless organziation as it hasn't done anything worthwhile since the Korean War. Open warfare may not be the best method, but part of diplomacy is treachery.

This guy has rolled back the token freedoms under the last regime and the youth of Iran will eventually be sick of this bastard. I'd say we back an uprising, plus teh Kurds in Iran a (and Syria as well) would probably be our best allies in such an act.

Red Tulips said...

I have to agree with you wholeheartedly.

The UN is useless and needs serious reforms, if it hopes to have any relevance.