Tuesday, September 19, 2006

UN Begins General Assembly; New Yorkers upset about traffic congestion

Today is the day of the UN General Assembly. Allegedly, on the table will be Iran's nuclear program, peace in the Mideast, and Darfur. What I find amusing is that the only thing most New Yorkers care about and what irks them is the corresponding traffic congestion that comes with the UN General Assembly. "Peace in the Mideast? Why should I care? I just want to get to work!" This truly makes me proud to be a New Yorker. What makes me UNproud (pun intended) to be American is how the "peacers" are out in full force, protesting Bush and NOT protesting Ahmedinadinnerjacket - both will be at the UN. This moral equivalence is stunning! It is why I no longer consider myself a member of the "progressive" movement. So, let's sum up the stance of the "peacers." Execution of homosexuals and raped women, uranium enrichment, Holocaust denial, and talks of wiping Israel off the map...why, that's just the talk of a benign and PEACEFUL leader! Besides, if Israel is wiped off the map, all the better! How can we as Americans be upset when Iran is out there, providing social services to its people? How can we judge another culture? The repression of Jews in Iran...how can we blame them when the Palestinians are genocided! Meanwhile, Bush is there, and he started a war in Iraq! BushHitlerHalliburtonEvil!!! Riiiight... It is enough to induce vomit. Seriously. I am ashamed of my fellow countrymen and their total and complete ignorance. *wretches* I think I will feel better looking at a video of hot IDF boys (thanks, shlemazl!). Mmm...okay...I am feeling slightly better now!

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Jason said...

I still don't know whre most of the left gets some of these ideas from.

All I can seem to attribute it to is blind worship for all things Muslim.