Tuesday, September 5, 2006

IRA Terror supporter meets with Hamas terrorists and is APPALLED that the Israeli government won't meet with him!

That's right, Gerry Adams, head of the Sinn Fein party of Northern Ireland - the IRA-linked party - met with Hamas, not even Abbas, in the Palestinian territories, in order to "encourage peace." He was then discouraged when the Israeli government would not meet with this terror supporter who met with an openly terrorist organization. His claim was "It is our view that all conflict should be brought to an end though negotiations. That goes for everyone," he said. "If we're asked our view, we shall give our view, which is that all conflict should end." Someone should tell him that no one with a clue is interested in his opinion, the opinion of an individual affiliated organization that gets funding from Iran. Yes, Adams did preside over a peace process, but the peace in Northern Ireland was never contingent upon the death of all English. It is blind (to put it mildly) to pretend anything else. And it is hypocritical of Adams to claim that he's so high and mighty, when in fact his organization is linked with the same terror support that Hamas gets. It's all one enemy, folks. If nothing else, Gerry Adams's trip to "encourage peace" in Israel (har, har - the peace in Northern Ireland is tenuous and only after a massive demographic shift in Northern Ireland) shows yet again how the IRA is to be despised, just as Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and PRC are despised. Of course, many Americans hypocritically disagree, and funding for the IRA has also come from Irish Americans for years. It was only after 9/11 that there was any crackdown on this. So I guess, in conclusion, we are all hypocrites. But Adams is that special sort of hypocrite who feels the need to pretend he is peaceful while he is up to his same old tricks of supporting terrorists.


shlemazl said...

Northern Ireland is an interesting example of achieving peace. It was achieved through a consistent position of isolating Sein Fein/IRA by the British and the Irish Governments over many years. The condition was that they should renounce violance and disarm. Adams wasn't even allowed to talk on TV; sometimes he was broadcast, but always with a voiceover.

As you say, it only really worked once IRA was isolated internationally.

GayConservativeLiberal said...

The IRA wanted sovereignty over a tiny patch of land. Today's terrorists are an international organization of zealots who are wanton murderers waiting to kill us all.

Sidebar, I've linked to you guys from my blog, my links got screwed up when I changed templates.

Red Tulips said...

Hey, CL, thanks for the input and explanation re: linkitude! And yes, I completely agree re: the distinction. However, many English people continue to erroneously claim that the two situations are the same.


And yup, I completely agree. This is why Hamas needs to be isolated, and not brought into the fold. Thankfully, it's not like Gerry Adams actually matters on the world stage.

Thomas Forsyth said...

Hamas is currently the leading party in the PA while Sinn fein neevr gained that much ground in Northern Ireland, not that I'm a fan of the SDL either (and I could never support the Ulster Unionists -- Pat Buchanan will get honorary Mexican and Israeli citizenship before I support Unionists or Orange Order).

I also despise the methods and the economic agenda used by the IRA. Ireland's Government also won't put up with them, so if teh IRA achieved their alleged goal, they'd be run out of town by the Irish Government.

I woudl hope Israel and Ireland have good relations, but they have no use for the IRA. Maybe back in the 40s the Stern Gang and the IRA may have a common link against the Brits, but now the IRA has joined the International leftist terroist gangs and Israel rightfully wants nothing to do with them.

If Gerry Adams rally wanted to solve teh issues of Northern Ireland he coudl work on education for the Catholics and fighting the high drop out rate. Of course taht involves helping individuals and not a destructive cause, and guys like Adams (and Arafat) only care about lining their pockets with causes.

Red Tulips said...


I am sorry, but I have to laugh!

Adams helping people??? Yeah, right!

That would involve actual positive action, and investment in the future.

Can't have that, can we?

Kevin said...

I have no time for Gerry Adams. He defended the indefensiveble. That being the IRA's bombing campaign against the British mainland. I know full well how we Brits raped the Irish during the potato famine, but that sort of thing still goes on today with developing nations selling crops to pay off debts while the people starve. Northern Ireland could be used as a model for the Israeli's and Palistinians (sp?). But it needs a lot of modifications. The Northern Ireland peace deal is however fragile at the moment. Mainly down to Pasiley's (or whatever that fit gits name is) refusal to sit down with Gerry Adams in a power sharing agreement.