Monday, September 11, 2006

Palestinians torch YMCA

I find it so funny that far leftists support the Palestinians in their 'cause,' saying how oppressed they are, when they ignore the oppression that the Palestinian Muslims wreck upon the Bedouins, Druse, and Christian Palestinians. This recent news story is just one example of this double standard. Palestinians torched a Qalqilya YMCA in the West Bank, and warned Christian Palestinians to LEAVE or face the repurcussions. Imagine if the torching was done by a Jewish group. Imagine the worldwide condemnation and outcry. Imagine the flags being waved and the slogans being chanted. Double standard? Nooooo!!! Of course not! //sarcasm over On this anniversay of 9/11, let us take a moment to reflect upon the prejudices seen across the world, and the hate being spread in the name of religion and/or nationalism. There will be more 9/11's until the hate fires die down. There will be more 9/11's as long as we coddle and reward those who hate. It's time to stand up and be counted. It's time to proclaim, as Howard Beale proclaimed, I'm mad as hell, and not gonna take it anymore! I am sick of mourning. I am sick of reacting. It's time to act definitively and take back this country in the name of truth, justice, reason, and progress. Spread the word, engage your friends. Get them thinking. Spread that seed of rationality, and maybe it can grow into more. It can happen. Though maybe I am just a silly optimist.


Anonymous said...

Right...because we all know that what a fair and balanced source World Net Daily is.

Peter said...

And, by the way, it's not as if Christian missionaries in Israel are welcomed.

"Much of the literature in a small Christian bookstore in Jerusalem would be outlawed by the legislation in its present form. Orthodox Jews already visit the store to harass customers, and there are fears that if the proposed anti-missionary law passes, militants might try to close the shop. "

Red Tulips said...

Feel free to disprove this one with actual FACTS and not speculation.

The way in which the Muslim Palestinians mistreat minorities within the territories is well known.

Red Tulips said...


There is freedom of speech within Israel. The law you cite is merely proposed legislation - it is not an actual law.

As far as comparing harrassment of bookstore customers with fire bombing a YMCA...the fact that you even put the two in the same universe says a great deal about you and the laughable moral equivalence with which you see the world.

ChiefMommy Owl said...

After last years despicable expulsion of Jews from their homes, Palestinians destroyed the remaining synagogue buildings and celebrated at the wreckage. Can you even imagine the outcry if the situation had been reversed?


Egypeter said...

I ditto Tulips!

It is well-documented, a million times over, the tyranny of the muslim majority over ANY Christian minority...ALL OVER THE MIDDLE EAST.

Name me one freakin' country with a muslim majority where ANY OTHER faith lives in peace! There isn't one in the whole of the world. Yet muslim miorities are treated as equal citizens in infidel countries. Real fair, huh?

And spare me, Peter. Those two are equivalent? Lol.