Tuesday, September 26, 2006

63% of Palestinians support Hizballah, according to JPost poll...

Yes, it is true. About 80% of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip support Hizballah. But these people so deserve their own state! Remember what Dershowitz said - the Lebanese as a people are not victims when they support Hizballah in such overwhelming numbers. Clearly, neither are the Palestinians. Oh, right, but things are cool now, because we have UNIFIL to secure the area, right? WRONG. UNIFIL, as Big Pharoah pointed out, has a mandate to do nothing. And meanwhile, Hizballah said they won't disarm, except by force, as Shlemazl pointed out. It's all one enemy. The enemy that blew up US marine baracks in 1983, that has sleeper cells in the US, attacks Israel, and that is funded by Iran (Hizballah) is also affiliated with an organization that has sleeper cells in the US, attacks Israel, and is funded by Iran. (Hamas) It's all one enemy, and the uniting philosophy is a belief in the imposition of an Islamic Caliphate upon the world. And they will not win.


Jason H. Bowden said...

In troubled times, people will side with the strongest horse.

That's why Musharraf sided with us and not al Queda, thanks to Bush. But the principle cuts both ways, and moderates in the Middle East see the Party of God to be stronger than Israel and not the other way, given the Party of God won the last war against the IDF.

Anonymous said...

Israel is as horrible as Hizbullah. If Israel abided by the Un reolutions Hizbullah awould not have emerged as a potential power. When ISrael mistreats Arabs they will follow just anyone to free them from the occupation

Red Tulips said...

Oh, 'UN Resolutions.' You mean the one sided and voluntarily nonsense passed through the years?


You have no legitimacy if you think Israel is even on the same PLANET as Hizballah.

Render said...

How about we start with UNSCR1559 and its follow on UNSCR1701?

Disarm and disband the illegal genocidal militia of killers known as HizbAllah.