Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Vatican to open secret files!

THIS I cannot wait for! The Vatican, perhaps in reaction to the Pope riots around the world, or perhaps in a coincidence of timing, announced they are opening up their secret files concerning what the Vatican did during and in the lead up to WWII. Supposedly there are MILLIONS of documents to go through. I have been wanting the Vatican to open its secret files for years now, and it is finally happening! I cannot wait to read what is uncovered about Pope Pius XII and all of the Vatican dealings.

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Thomas Forsyth said...

I am curious myself. I always viewed Pius XII as largely a diplomat and later after I took out my faith-based myopia, I began to see him as a coward and teh kind fo diplomat who allows for evil to avoid rocking the boat.

I do not belive that Pius was any kind fo friend fo Hitler, but that he did zilch against him or even against Mussolinni.