Monday, September 18, 2006

Tomlinson vs MI6

This battle of wills has been rumbling on for years. Tomlinson has now taken to publishing chapters of a book onto his blog (the last blog he had was shutdown by the british government) that the British government will most likely say harm the national intrest and break any number of laws relating to the secret service act. Register article Tomlinson's blog First chapter of book My own take on national security is that while certain things have to be kept secret, it does not give a government a blank cheque to do what they like in regards to people who work for the secret services who try to speak out about the work they've done, that might be in the public intrest. I'll expect a knock on the door from special branch any day now then ;-)


shlemazl said...

The man is crazy and dangerous. I am 100% with MI6 on this one.

Kevin said...

It depends on what he knows and how it would effect the British establishment and any spies who are still working for MI6 who were around when Tomlinson was. If say he had proof that MI6 had killed Princess Diana on the orders of someone who had major importance in government or royal circles, then it would probably bring the Monarchy crashing down around the Queens ears.
I actually believe in the public's right to know what the secret services get upto, when it's safe to release the information.

shlemazl said...

I seem to recollect that he published the names of active agents.

Besides the Diana murder plot is not supported by any evidence and is therefore a conspiracy theory. I am not a huge fan of conspiracy theories.